How To Make Money From iPhone Photography: Complete Guide

iPhone photography is a trendy hobby where you can make money if taken seriously. So here is a complete guide on how to make money from iPhone photography.

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Can you really make money by being an iPhone photographer? This is a common question asked by people who enjoy taking snaps on their iPhones.

Indeed, iPhone photography is a trendy and popular hobby for many people out there today. Who doesn’t enjoy taking beautiful and crisp photos of amazing people, places, and moments? 

But do you feel that taking pictures is simply not enough? Do you wonder whether there is something extra you can do to add meaning or value to your favorite hobby? Well, it turns out there is!

Now, hobbies aren’t supposed to be money-making ventures. 

However, thinking about the monetary aspect could help improve this hobby you absolutely love. So, you won’t be “selling out” if you try to make a few bucks from the amazing pictures you take using your iPhone.

In this post, we will share some ways you can make money from iPhone photography. We will discuss different platforms where you can get paid to submit your photos, as well as how to make clients and companies take your iPhone photography hobby seriously. Enjoy!

Can You Make Money With iPhone Photos?

Just like any other form of photography, you can indeed make some money from selling or licensing your iPhone photos. In fact, there are so many ways to make money from your photos that you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

What Do You Need To Get Started With iPhone Photography?

For one, you will need an iPhone to kick-start your newfound hobby. While you don’t have to have the latest iPhone to be successful and make money from iPhone photography, it’s highly advisable to get a recent model with the latest camera features and software updates.

In most cases, photos shot on newer iPhone models are crisper and more detailed.

While it’s possible to make some decent cash from iPhone photos, the process will not happen overnight. First, you need to immerse yourself in your hobby and dedicate a significant amount of time to framing and capturing your photos.

Next, you need to know how to approach stock photography sites in order to get a good deal for your iPhone photos. 

Did you know that there are specific companies today that only deal with photos taken using iPhones? Well, now you know! So, if you were worried that no company would take your prints seriously, you can rest easy now. Many companies cater to this niche/market, which we will highlight later.

What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money From iPhone Photography?

Arguably, the easiest way to make money from iPhone photography is to network and collaborate with other iPhone photographers.

Experienced iPhone photographers will help you learn the ropes as well as introduce you to photography platforms and forums where you can gradually make a name for yourself.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t assume that you will start making money from your hobby overnight. Earning money from pastime activities will not be a walk in the park. But, don’t lose hope just yet, before we share with you the good news.

How To Earn With Your iPhone Photos

The fact that you are using your phone to take photos should not discourage you in any way from trying to make some money from your hobby. Of course, you will be facing stiff competition from people taking photos using other phones as well as professional cameras.

But, you can still make money the same way other photographers do. The only difference is that you will be taking pictures using an iPhone. Everything else remains the same!

The process of starting to earn money from your iPhone photos will require you to take specific steps in order to boost your chances of success and make a decent income.

make money iPhone photography ways
There is a specific category of stock photos that consists of iPhone photos.

Ways To Make Money from iPhone Photography

Here are 5 ways to make money from iPhone photography:

1. Learn about Stock Photography

Stock photos are electronic photographs used for business or creative purposes. Stock photography deals with the supply of stock photos for online or physical publishing. Stock photography has strict guidelines regarding photo specifications and licensing.

Today, with stock photography platforms like iStock, it is increasingly becoming possible for photographers of all kinds to make money from their work. iPhone photos form a specific category of stock photos that are highly sought after by brands and creatives. 

For you to be able to get a market for your iPhone photos, you must follow the strict standards and requirements of most stock photography platforms.

Here are some of them:

  • Size of your photos must be at least 4 MB
  • Choose a unique niche that you specialize in
  • Clear and focused subject
  • Practical and realistic concept
  • Proper exposure and lighting
  • No use of filters or post-editing
  • Photos should offer real value to consumers (for example, pictures of a famous landmark or photos with news value)

These are some common requirements of stock photography. Making money from some stock photography platforms might have some additional requirements for specific photos.

2. Find Rare or Unexplored Photography Niches

With a keen eye and creative mind, you can present some of the most basic things in a way that marvels everyone. This is what iPhone photography is all about. Using your intuition, talent, and experience, taking photos that can fetch you money will be a breeze. 

Let’s face it, not every company or brand has the time to take perfect pictures of their products or storefronts. This is where passionate photographers come in.

But, not all companies want to hire professional photographers. Also, not all businesses can afford to employ full-time photographers. This means that many businesses resort to stock photo websites to find amazing photos that they can use for their branding and/or marketing campaigns.

Now, how can you make your entrepreneurial journey easier? As already mentioned, you can begin by identifying niches that most photographers ignore or bypass. Find places or industries where photos are rarely professionally taken.

Also, make sure there is a customer base for your photos as well. But, if there aren’t as many buyers, you can use the good old sales pitch to explain to the relevant individuals or companies why they need professional photos.

Make sure to avoid crowded photography niches like food, events, or fashion, especially when starting out. There are plenty of other niches – you just have to look around and do some research. Check out street photography for example.

Also, you can browse your local car accessory shops, service centers, and tech product stores. These “unglamorous” businesses might just need a photographer like you.

3. Become a Brand Enthusiast

You can earn money from your iPhone photography hobby online by posting photos and reviews about products, services, or places you like. With your iPhone and platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s very easy to become an influencer, product ambassador, or brand representative.

As a brand representative, you will help grow the company on social media platforms. Most brand reps are either paid by commission or by the hour. You can also be paid using free products, discounts, and other offers. This is another easy way to make money from your passion for iPhone photography.

It’s important to note that as a beginner, you may have to promote brands for free at first. You should take time to gradually grow your following before approaching a specific brand for a formal deal. You can then suggest charging for every photo or video you post. 

And, because you are representing a brand, you must adhere to their branding guidelines so as not to interfere with their business image.

make money iPhone photography travel guide
You can earn from taking pictures of the places you visited and then creating your own travel guides.

4. Make Travel Guides

If you love traveling and visiting new places, your iPhone photography skills may just come in handy to make money from your travel hobby. You can earn money by taking pictures of places you visit and using those pictures to create your very own travel guides for various cities and locations. 

This sounds fun, right? Well, the reality is that it won’t be that simple. The travel photography niche is currently heavily saturated. You will have to deal with stiff competition, so you have to make sure that you are offering something different from everyone else.

Now, because you already know how to take photos on your iPhone, all you need is to learn how to document and design your work so that it’s easy to read and sell.

There are many platforms on the internet today that allow ordinary people to post pictorial reviews of major cities, tourist attractions, and landmarks. You can get a share of ad revenue from the people who visit your pages and read your travel guides and reviews.

Most importantly, making money from taking pictures as you travel the world is definitely an exciting idea, especially if you have some free time on your hands.

5. Take Photos of Properties for Realtors

Last but not least, you can easily make some money by helping realtors to capture/document properties they want to put up for listing. It’s not uncommon for real estate agents to hire freelance photographers to take pictures of properties they are interested in.

But, one concern that realtors may have is your use of an iPhone to take pictures? They may ask you – will the photos turn out okay?

Well, when you get such questions, it’s your job to convince them that the results will be high-quality and top-notch. You can show them previous photos of houses or properties that you have taken using your iPhone. This will definitely help to build trust.

This opportunity is a great place to make money with drone photography too. There are drones that are designed to hold iPhones too!

How Much Money Can You Make From iPhone Photography?

After learning some ways you can make money from iPhone photography, you may probably be wondering just how much money can you make from monetizing your hobby.

Well, it all depends on your level of professionalism and the quality of the photos you take. Also, the niche you choose to specialize in, as well as the type of clients you work with, will also influence your earnings.

Sure, iPhone photography may not seem like the most lucrative type of photography, but you can make it a good starting point for building a more advanced photography career. Most freelance photographers earn a fee of $200 to $1000 for creative photography.

Can You Make iPhone Photography A Career?

Yes. You can definitely make iPhone photography a career if you have the portfolio and drive to keep on pushing the boundaries. 

You need to invest in specific tools and accessories that will help you become a high-earning iPhone photographer. Although your earning potential is largely dependent on your individual talent, tools like a gimbal, universal clip-on light, and a flexible tripod will definitely come in handy.

All the best in your iPhone photography adventure!

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