18 Best Hobbies To Turn Into A Business (For Full-Time Income)

Many hobbies can be turned into a business, especially if you’ve spent so much time and energy on them. And here is a detailed list of some of the best hobbies to turn into a business.

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You spend a lot of time on your hobbies because you enjoy doing them. You are meticulous in picking out the perfect materials for your craft. You pay attention to doing each step, so the results turn out perfect.

When you are done, you are proud of what you have accomplished. Since you spend so much time and energy on your hobby, wouldn’t it be nice to make some money from it at the same time? A lot of hobbies can actually turn into a business. Here are some of the best examples.

Best Hobbies To Turn Into A Business


If you like to sew and are good at it, you have hundreds of possibilities to make money from your talent. You can make stuffed toys that are customized for a child. You can custom-make clothing for your customers with their fabric and pattern.

You can make alterations to an existing pattern according to your customer’s specifications. A lot of people like clothing that are unique and not just something that you can get off the rack. This is particularly true for clothing for special occasions.

You can also use your sewing talent to turn old clothing from a thrift store into something new and fabulous. If people know that you have the talent to custom make something for them, you will have an endless stream of customers.

You can sew accessories for the home. Decorative pillows, cushions, placemats, quilts, etc., are just a few examples. You can even custom-make pet costumes as a niche.

Embroidering names or monograms on items are also popular. You can personalize linen, blankets, clothing, and practically anything that you can sew on.

Many modern sewing machines have an embroidery feature, so you can easily personalize these items with a name, monogram, or other embellishments. Customers are glad to pay for these customized features.


There is so much you can do with knitting. You can knit sweaters, hats, mittens, socks, scarves, etc., and sell them on an online marketplace like Etsy.

People like to get things knitted by hand because there is something special about wearing something that another person spent so much time making. If you want to focus on a niche, you might want to just knit baby clothes, pet sweaters, home accessories, and so forth. 

Making Gift Baskets

If you are crafty, you can apply your creativity to make custom gift baskets. You can price your basket by the type of content that your customer wants. If they want premium, brand-name products, you can charge accordingly.

Gift baskets with a theme are popular. Examples are gift baskets for baby showers, for the coffee lover, for a home spa treatment, and more. You can create standard baskets at an affordable price or a deluxe basket filled with premium products. Embellish the basket with ribbons for a finishing touch.


If you love to cook and can create mouth-watering, exotic dishes, you are in a good position to be a personal chef. Many places hire personal chefs for special events, so the income can be quite good.

You might need a license or certification to go into the food business, so you should check with a business attorney.

hobbies to turn into a business baking
Your special recipe for baked goods that your friends rave about has the potential to be turned into a niche business.


A lot of successful brands of baked goods started in small home kitchens. If you have a special recipe for cupcakes or cookies that your friends always rave about, this can have a good potential of turning into a niche business.

A great way to see if your treats appeal to a wider public is to get a booth at your next local community fair and see if they sell. Giving out free samples will also draw a crowd and bring more exposure to your treats.

You can bake large theme cookies of popular characters. People like to get these as gifts, and they are often popular for office parties. You can even customize cookies for special occasions.

If you like to bake large cakes and have a talent for decorating them, you can start a custom cake business. People like to celebrate events or milestones with a special cake for the occasion. Fancy cakes with themes are always the centerpiece of a celebration.

If you can make gorgeous cakes, you can have a lucrative business. Just like a cooking business, check with your state’s guidelines about licensing as food service.

Jewelry Making

A lot of people like unique pieces of jewelry that are crafted by hand. Instead of wearing something mass-produced, wearing jewelry that someone spent hours creating makes the wearer feel extra special.

You can sell your pieces on an online marketplace like Etsy. If you allow your customers to customize, like the choice of color in the crystal or stone, that would have an even wider appeal.


Do you enjoy spending time with animals? If you do, you will enjoy pet-sitting. If someone has to be away and cannot take their dog with them, and they prefer not to leave the dog in a kennel, hiring a pet-sitter is the next best solution.

As the sitter, you can play with the dog, take him out for a walk, groom him, and maybe even teach him a few tricks. 


If you have a good camera and enjoy going out and shooting photos, and you have a good eye for composition, you can market those skills and be a freelance photographer.

Good photographers are always busy because people want the best in helping them capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. A digital photography business has little overhead because there is no film to develop.

You can take photos for weddings, graduations, first days at home with a new baby, and other special events. A common thing that families like to do these days is to hire a photographer to capture a day in their lives at home.

These photographs become cherished memories. You can be the storyteller behind the lens and bring out the characters. 

Since you will be competing with professionals, you should create an artistic website that becomes your photo gallery where you can showcase your best work. 

Home Organizer

Do you get a sense of satisfaction when you keep things neat and tidy at home? A lot of people need help with organizing things at home because their space is overwhelmed with clutter, and they don’t know where to start.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes needs to be brought in to re-envision the space. That is where your organizational talent comes in. You can charge your organization services by the hour or by the project. Help someone declutter their lives and create a space that is beautiful and functional.

Teach Music Lessons

If you love to play an instrument and are quite proficient at it, you can consider giving lessons. Lessons offered by someone with professional music teaching credentials are usually pricey. If you are an accomplished player but just don’t have the teaching credentials, you can charge a little less.

A lot of parents cannot afford expensive music lessons for their children, but they would welcome less expensive alternatives so their children can be exposed to music. You can offer affordable music lessons in your home or provide lessons at your student’s home.

Playing An Instrument

Another way of turning a music hobby into a business is by playing gigs. For example, if you play the piano, you can be hired to play at cocktail parties or hotel lounges. If you play an instrument in a group for fun, your music group can play at parties, weddings, etc.

hobbies to turn into a business woodworking
Woodworking skills are in demand since good craftsmanship is hard to find.


Good craftsmanship is hard to find. A lot of homeowners like to add attractive details to their homes like custom molding, built-in shelves, and custom storage solutions. If you have woodworking skills, you can create beautiful woodwork solutions to fill a need. 

Along those lines, homeowners often have heirloom furniture that they want to refinish and preserve. If you have that expertise, you can apply it to refinishing projects.


If you just like making pretty things by hand, you can put your creations up for sale on sites like Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

People are always looking for that one-of-a-kind item, and nothing beats the uniqueness of a handmade item. Crafts are especially good sellers during the holiday season because craft items make great gifts.

Turn Thrift Store Items Into Treasures

You can find amazing bargains at the thrift store that you can turn into fabulous decor items with your craft skills.

Old pottery that is unbroken can be repainted with beautiful colors and turned into an art piece. Old pictures might not be good sellers, but the frame can be salvaged and refinished for other artwork.

You can sell your refinished products on reseller sites like eBay or Mercari.


If you love to write, there are many ways for you to make extra money from it. If you have expertise in a subject area, you can start a blog and share your expertise.

You can monetize it by placing ads for relevant products or services on your blog page. Do some marketing on social media and direct people to visit your blog.

As your weblog gets more traffic, you will start to see passive income coming in.

You can also offer your services as a freelance writer. Post your writing service on gig sites like Fiverr. A lot of small website owners need help in writing great content for their website, so they might need someone with your kind of skills.


If you like to grow things and you have been successful growing produce for yourself, you can expand that and grow things to sell at the farmer’s market. People are into organic and home-grown produce these days, and neighborhood growers have their niche.

Besides the farmer’s market, you can sell your produce to local restaurants. Do check on what type of business license you need first.

You can also offer your gardening expertise to the locals around you. For a fee, either hourly or by the project, you can be hired to help a homeowner plan out his garden, so it is productive year-round.


Staying in shape can be more than just a personal goal. You can help others get fit and get paid for it. Many people who want to get in shape do not know where to start. However, a personal trainer can give them the motivation that they need.

If you have the knowledge and know all about exercise and fitness, you can become a personal trainer. If you need to get certified, you can look into the courses that you need to take and get the credentials that you need.

In addition to being a personal trainer, you can create training videos that you can monetize. That is a good way to earn some passive income.

Personal Style Consultant

If you always get compliments on how stylish you dress and you love to put together outfits, you can become a personal stylist. Many people, both men and women, want to improve their appearance, but they don’t know where to start.

If you know all about how colors work together and have a talent for fashion, you can become a style consultant. You can charge by the hour or by the project. You can go with your client to shop for new outfits, and accompany them to have their hair done, etc.

The makeover can boost your customer’s confidence. 

In Summary

As you can see, there are many ways for you to convert your hobby into a business. Check with the local authorities on the type of business license that you might need. Get the proper credentials and certificates if they lend more credibility to your business.

The main thing is that you continue to love what you do and not let your hobby become a “job,” which will take the fun out of it. When you enjoy doing something, it becomes more sustainable, and there is no better feeling than making money doing something you love.

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