10 Hobbies That Make Money For Stay-At-Home Moms (Without Much Time Required)

The right hobby can be a stress reliever while you make money in the process. Read further for a detailed list of hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms.

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When people think about making money, there is always the concept of work involved. Making money doesn’t always have to feel like work. There are ways of making money doing things that you already love doing.

When you have the right hobby, it will serve as a stress reliever and also a creative outlet. You can make money in the process.

Best Hobbies For Stay-At-Home Moms To Make Money From

You don’t necessarily have to get a “job” to make extra income from home. The best hobbies are the inexpensive ones that make you money and are fun to do. You will make money by offering products or services that others need. Below are some creative and fun ways of making money.


Blogging has become one of the best ways of making money online. It is a creative outlet that will let you work on it whenever you feel like it, which is something that can be said about most jobs. You can make thousands of dollars through blogging every month.

If you want to succeed with blogging, look for a topic to write about and learn methods of driving traffic to the site. When choosing a topic, try to choose a specialized niche.

Once the site is getting enough visitors, it is possible to start making money through affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling your own products. There is a lot of information online about blogging, but you need to invest some time learning, so you don’t make a lot of mistakes.

This is going to be a fun hobby, especially if you choose a niche you like.

You don’t have to put in a lot of time when it comes to blogging. The thing that will take the most time is creating content. Put time into the process of creating content because it is going to determine whether you succeed with it or not.

Selling Handmade Jewelry

If you are artistic or crafty, a good way to make money with a hobby is selling handmade jewelry. Many people today are choosing handcrafted accessories with a unique look over mass-marketed items. This is going to be a fun and profitable hobby if you know how to make jewelry.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to jewelry, from earrings to bracelets to necklaces. There is always a market for most of these products. Spend your free time creating jewelry and having fun at the same time.

There are many only marketplaces where you can sell your products, which means you don’t even have to leave your home. Another good option for selling is heading to in-person craft and artisan fairs.

You can employ a lot of creativity when making your jewelry, and this is going to make the process even more fun. You don’t need much to get started. You will need to spend on supplies and listings costs at online marketplaces.

This is a great hobby that can make you good money. This is one of those things you won’t have to stress a lot about.

Hobbies Make Money For Stay-At-Home Moms writing
Choose topics that interest you when it comes to writing web content as a hobby.

Writing Web Content

There are those who choose to do freelance writing for a work-at-home job, but it can be seen as a hobby. In such cases, you most likely will write occasionally or choose topics that spark your interest.

You are the one to decide which topics to write about and what to avoid. This works well for you as a mom because you can do it without having to get out of your home.

If you like writing but don’t want to start your own blog, writing web content is a good alternative. This is also a quicker way of making cash because you have to wait some time before making money through blogging. 

You don’t have to be a pro before you start making money through home writing jobs. There are jobs where you can get than don’t require any writing experience at all. There are many topics you can choose to write, including longer in-depth articles, blog posts, or product descriptions for websites.

You will get better with time, and you might even increase how much you make by charging more for your work. Writing doesn’t have to be complicated; find a topic you like and start writing. Give it a try and see whether it is something you enjoy doing.

Designing and Selling T-shirts

How fun could it be if you could start making money from designing and selling t-shirts? This is one hobby that can help you make good money.

There are many people out there who are making a lot of money through designing and selling t-shirts. The process is not complicated because you don’t even have to do much. There are websites like teespring.com that have made the process easier.

When you use such websites, your only work is providing the design of the product, and they will make the product. This works for other things, not just t-shirts. With Teespring, you can start designing everything from blankets to phone cases.

Once you have the product, you will have to market it and attract as many buyers as possible. The good thing about this side hustle is you don’t have to spend a lot on initial investment since you don’t keep inventory.

There are many tips online that are going to help you with this process. You don’t have to worry much, which works for you as a mum.

Furniture Flipping

Flipping furniture is an interesting and profitable hobby that can make you good money. If you consider yourself crafty and know how to find a good deal.

What does furniture flipping involve? It is about scouting for furniture from thrift stores. The furniture does not have to be pretty, just solid. Your work as a flipper is to fix it up using new paint or finish, then resell it and make a profit.

You will enjoy this hobby very much because you have the chance to make things more beautiful. You will find yourself looking forward to the next project.

Repairing, painting, and refinishing can be relaxing. You are going to make your profit when you resell, which makes it important to look for good deals.

You also have to factor in the expenses and the time you put into the work. The last thing you want is to spend time on something and then end up making nothing.

Once you fix up the furniture, you need to find a market locally on places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It is best to sell locally because you want to avoid shipping large pieces. The cost of shipping can make it hard for you to get a good profit.


Do you love helping kids? Do you enjoy teaching others? If you find these rewarding, then it might be a good idea to consider tutoring. This is a good hobby choice that will leave you happy because you know you have helped someone. 

You can make good money through tutoring, and it works perfectly well for stay-at-home moms. You don’t have to leave your house to tutor.

Online tutoring has made things easier, and you can connect with students from all over the world. It offers a lot of flexibility because you choose the time that works best for you. 

It might be a good idea to invest in teaching aids when getting started, but there is no need to purchase anything before you start making money through this hobby. There are many different areas you can tutor, depending on your education level and experience.

There are some who have made a lot of money by tutoring English. There are millions of learners around the world trying to improve their language proficiency, and this can provide you with a good way of making money. You will set your own hours and make good money in the process.

Hobbies Make Money For Stay-At-Home Moms Etsy
With creativity and the right amount of effort, starting your own Etsy shop can be profitable.

Starting an Etsy Shop

If you consider yourself artistic or creative, then there is a good chance someone out there is ready to pay you for your work. Starting your own Etsy shop can be profitable if you put in the effort and creativity. There are many people making a living by selling on Etsy, and you can be one of them.

Etsy lets you sell almost anything made from hand. Whether you like sewing children’s costumes in your spare time, painting, or making your own homemade soap, there is a market waiting for you on Etsy.

There are many types of products on Etsy, which means you have a lot of options when looking for what to sell. Look at what you are good at making and see whether there is a market for it. That is how simple it is.

Stay-at-home moms are going to find this easy because they make things when they are free, and they don’t have to work within a given timeline. You can take a break any time you feel like it without having to worry about getting fired or being asked by your boss. You will enjoy the process too.

Writing a Book

Many find writing to be an enjoyable and relaxing outlet. You don’t need to have your book published by a major publisher before making money writing a book. Gone are the days when you were at the mercy of publishers.

More and more people are getting to know the benefits of self-publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle. You can write as many books as you want without having to go through the tough process many have to deal with when working with a publisher.

Many people like self-publishing because they don’t have to spend even a cent to write their book and list it there. Find an area you are good at, then write a book. Make sure you provide value so that you can increase your sales. You can publish as many books as you want.

Stay-at-home moms can benefit from this hobby because they can write when they feel like it. You can resume at any time, especially when you have writer’s block.

It is important to put in the effort to make sure you write a good book that your audience is going to like. Give this a try because there is no limit to what you can do.


Photography is one of those hobbies that make a lot of money, and there is a good reason why this is the case. Good photographers are always in demand. If you are good at taking pictures, then share your talent with the world and make something in the process.

There are some who have turned their photography hobby into a full-time job, but you can have it as a hobby and make some money from your photography on the side if you don’t want something permanent.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a professional camera; most phones these days can take decent photos. If this is your passion and you enjoy doing it during your free time, then you can easily make money from it.

Starting a YouTube Channel

This has become a popular way of making money, and some are even making millions from it. If you love talking in front of the camera, then consider monetizing those traits. You can make a lot of money while having fun at the same time.

One of the most important things you need to do when starting is picking a theme for your channel. There are a lot of things you can choose, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. Some common options include cooking tutorials, talking about motherhood, DIY, home improvement, and more. 

To make money, you need to have an audience. The process of gaining subscribers is not going to be that fast, but you have to be consistent if you want to see great results. Once you have enough subscribers, you can start monetizing your videos using affiliate sales and advertising.

Take the time to study what your audience loves because it is going to give you an edge over the rest. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started with YouTube. There are some who started their channels using phone cameras.

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