10 Great Hobbies That You Can Do Completely Alone

There are a lot of fun things you can do when spending time by yourself. And here are ten great hobbies that you can do completely alone and fully enjoy.

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Spending time alone doesn’t need to be a boring experience. Plenty of people find entertaining hobbies that can be done indoors or outdoors and with a variety of different budgets.

That means you need to take the time to find a hobby that you enjoy. Something that you can do alone, and that won’t become boring very quickly.

If you’re a solitary person interested in finding a new hobby, then this article is for you.

Indoor Hobbies to Do at Home Alone

People have been spending more time than ever at home alone and searching for some way to stay entertained. Part of the reason for this increase is Covid, but many people preferred to stay home alone even before the pandemic.

Some research shows that time spent at home alone has increased by one hour per day for the average person.

Whether you’re new to staying at home alone or you’re an experienced introvert just looking for something new: we’ve got a few hobby ideas that will help you out.


In the past, playing too many video games had a bit of a negative reputation. Older parents who didn’t grow up with video games thought that it was a waste of time.

Some extreme individuals even believed that playing video games would increase a person’s proclivity for violent behavior. Luckily, there have been numerous studies that have debunked this theory.

Now that we know video games aren’t a source of evil and they don’t create violent people, we can start to sit back and enjoy them as actual hobbies.

Games are designed as a source of fun, and there’s an incredible variety in the type of content available. There are shooting games, racing games, puzzle games, role-playing games, mystery games, and several other genres.

Part of the beauty of gaming is that it can be done completely alone, with friends, or with other players online. You can play single-player games without ever interacting with another individual.

If you’re comfortable speaking with people through voice chat, then you can join online games with other players without actually needing to meet with them or interact in person. And you can simply block their profiles entirely if you don’t like them.

We’ve moved past searching for negative qualities to gaming and now understand that there are a few different benefits. We now know that kids, teenagers, and adults can all improve some facet of their mental functioning with only a little bit of gaming. Here are a couple of the benefits:

1. It Can Increase Focus

It’s well known that humans can have an incredibly short attention span. You may even be familiar with the famous study that claims our attention spans are shorter than that of a goldfish. The study has its controversies, but there’s no denying that people often struggle to focus for extended periods.

Video games are one of the few hobbies that can grab a person’s attention for hours at a time. Some of the most prolific gamers spend thousands of hours on a single title.

Of course, you don’t need to devote that much time to the hobby to have fun or to benefit from it. It’s simply an impressive statistic and a clear indication that it can help focus.

2. It Can Improve Coordination and Reflexes

This benefit relies heavily on the type of video game that you decide to play. There are slow and simple games like RPGs and puzzle games that don’t require fast reflexes or coordination.

Then there are games like first-person shooters, racing games, and fighting games that require reaction times shorter than a second.

Most people start off not being very good at these types of games. However, as they continue to play and train, they notice that their reflexes become faster, and their hand-eye coordination improves. This is a natural reaction to playing a fast-paced game for prolonged periods.

These benefits can translate to real-world scenarios where hand-eye coordination is important.

3. It Could Become Profitable

We understand that most people don’t start hobbies for the sake of making money. It’s a form of entertainment that helps provide enjoyment and relieve stress.

But there’s certainly nothing wrong with profiting from your hobby once you reach a high skill level. Gaming is one of those hobbies that can become very lucrative with time.

A genre of gaming known as “eSports” has become extremely popular over the past decade. Research shows that casual viewers totaled nearly 400 million in the year 2019.

The popularity of the genre has led to some huge tournaments and very large prizes. It’s not uncommon for eSports players to walk away from tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

hobbies to do alone outdoor
Fishing is a solo hobby for you to try if you enjoy being outdoors while staying active.

Outdoor Hobbies to Do Alone and Stay Active

Like every hobby, gaming has its disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage is that it is a very sedentary hobby. It requires sitting for long periods of time and doesn’t benefit the body or your physical health.

It’s also an entirely indoor sport that may leave you craving some sunshine. Here’s a solo hobby you can try if you’re more interested in getting outside and staying active.


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then you’ve probably been fishing at least once in your life. And if you haven’t, then you are missing out. Fishing as a hobby requires taking this fun activity to the next level.

People who are willing to invest a bit of time and money into it get to experience an exciting new world that has plenty of benefits.

It’s estimated that more than 46 million people go fishing each year. In recent years, it’s believed that the number has been significantly higher. Fishing is an activity that has been performed for thousands of years and benefits people across the globe regardless of their age, sex, or income.

The best long-time anglers have invested in top-tier gear, know all of the best spots, and understand the annual routines of different types of fish.

The good news is that you don’t have to do any of this just to get started. You can test the waters without breaking the bank to decide if fishing is really right for you.

The first step to getting started fishing as a hobby is to purchase a fishing license. The exact process for this can vary depending upon where you live and where you plan to fish.

We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with local regulations so that you don’t get in trouble when you’re out on the water. In general, getting a license is very fast and extremely cheap.

The next step is to decide where you plan to fish. If you’re new, then it’s best to stick with freshwater fishing while you learn the ropes.

Saltwater fishing from a boat is extremely fun but requires more gear and more money to get started. But if you’re determined to catch a tuna, then there’s nothing wrong with saltwater fishing from day one.

Once you know where you want to fish, you need to get the essential gear. At first, all that you need is a rod, a reel, replacement fishing string, hooks, some bait, and a few simple tools like a knife and pliers.

If you’re unsure about your gear, you can speak with the experts who work at your local bait and tackle shop. Most of them are very helpful and can guide you in the right direction.

The final step is to head to your destination and begin fishing. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t catch anything on your first attempt.

Fishing is a learning experience, and it can take some time to become productive. That is unless you’re lucky enough to be a fishing prodigy that makes a big catch on day one.

As with gaming, fishing has numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. It’s a Fun and Physical Activity

There are different types of fishing, and each of them requires a different level of physical activity. In general, though, they are all a source of exercise that doesn’t feel too demanding or tedious.

Treading water and fly fishing is probably one of the most physically demanding styles. Trying to catch the big game from a boat can be a tough workout as well.

Part of the exercise is getting to the place where you want to fish. If you’re fishing in a freshwater lake, then you might have to hike some distance through the woods. Some of the best fishing spots are secluded away from pedestrians and distracting noises.

2. It’s a Source of Food

Perhaps the greatest benefit of learning to fish is that it can put food on your table. Not everyone keeps all of the fish that they catch, and there might be certain regulations in your local area. However, for the most part, you are allowed to keep the fish that you catch.

Learning to fish is a great way to become more self-reliant and even save money on groceries. A few hours spent at the lake can provide enough food for several days. And if you’ve ever eaten fresh fish, then you know that they taste much better than the frozen alternatives you’ll find at grocery stores.

3. It’s Easy to Learn and Difficult to Master

Do you like a hobby that will challenge you? If so, then fishing is a great option. We’ve talked about how easy it is to get started fishing, but it’s going to take a lot of work before you’re considered a professional angler.

You’ll need to study different types of fish, the different ecosystems in your region, and the different types of gear that you can use.

hobbies to do alone fun
Here are some hobbies wherein you can have fun while spending time alone.

Fun Hobbies You Can Do Alone

What if you’re not interested in a hobby that can improve your coordination or physical health? What if you’re interested solely in having fun while you spend time alone.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out a hobby purely for entertainment purposes. It’s known that finding a fun hobby can help reduce stress and alleviate depression. The only criterion is that you find something that you enjoy doing.

What’s considered fun for one person might not be fun for anyone else. Thus, finding a hobby purely for entertainment purposes is a matter of personal preference. But there are some hobbies that are entertaining to a large number of people. Here are a few fun hobbies that people tend to enjoy.

Playing an Instrument

Are you the creative type? If so, then you may enjoy learning to play an instrument. Millions of people learn to play instruments on their own without any desire to become professional musicians.

It’s simply a fun hobby that can be challenging and very rewarding. And if you decide to do more with it in the future, that is entirely up to you.

The growth of the internet has made it so much easier to learn to play an instrument by yourself. There are online tutorials, YouTube videos, and even smartphone apps that can help you along the way.

Playing by yourself means that you never have to worry about impressing listeners or embarrassing yourself. You’re free to play however you want as long as you find it fun.

The only mandatory cost associated with this hobby is purchasing an instrument. A high-quality instrument can be pretty expensive. It’s a good idea to start with something cheap to determine whether or not you enjoy playing the instruments.

You also have the option of investing in professional courses, though there is plenty of educational information available online for free.

Making Soap

The art of making soap at home has become very popular with crafting enthusiasts. It’s a great way to experiment, express your creativity, and learn a little more about science. As an added benefit, you’ll have soap that you’ve made yourself with whatever scents and ingredients you prefer.

People who have used homemade soap know that it’s almost always better than what you’ll find at the store. At the very least, it is safer to use because it can be made without harmful synthetic ingredients and chemicals.

Many soap crafters use vegan ingredients, and there’s no risk of the product being tested on animals.


This is another hobby that you can start purely for fun and still enjoy a few benefits along the way. It’s incredibly easy to get started with archery.

The only mandatory investments are for the bow and the arrows. You may want to buy different types of targets as well, but you’re free to use whatever makeshift targets you prefer.

Archery is a great hobby for the introvert who likes to be alone but also enjoys the outdoors. It’s a very quiet and relaxing sport that is also very fun. There are few things as exhilarating as hitting a bullseye from 50 yards away. You can enjoy archery even if you aren’t particularly good at it.

Cheap (or Even Free) Hobbies to Do Alone

Money is a serious obstacle that prevents many people from pursuing hobbies. Not everyone can afford to invest in archery gear, a video game system, or high-quality fishing equipment.

Luckily, there are still plenty of entertaining hobbies that are extremely cheap and sometimes free. And many of these hobbies have similar benefits to more expensive hobbies.


We understand that the world is divided when it comes to reading. Some people find reading very entertaining while others find it very boring. Whether or not reading can be a good hobby for you depends entirely on personal preference.

If you’ve tried reading as a hobby in the past without no avail, it may be because of the material you chose to read. It’s never a bad idea to try again and experiment with a different genre or author. It may take some time to find exactly what types of books best suit you.

The good news is that you can get started with reading as a hobby for free. All that you need to do is visit your local library and apply for a library card. Library cards are almost always free, and they allow you to check out multiple books at once.

Studies have shown that reading at least 20 pages per day can have impressive mental health benefits. It can increase your sense of empathy, reduce the risk of developing dementia, and improve your rationality. The benefits of reading continue long after you put the book down.


This hobby may not be entirely free, but you can get started for only a few dollars when you purchase a pack of seeds. Though, investing in a few inexpensive gardening tools along the way can help a lot.

You might already have the necessary tools around your house, or perhaps you can borrow them from a family member.

Gardening is a great hobby for the mind, body, and the environment. Similar to fishing, it can help put food on the table and reduce your grocery bill if your garden contains herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

It’s also a mild source of exercise that can help you burn a few calories while doing something that you really enjoy.

Studies have shown that daily gardening can lower your risk of developing dementia by 36 percent. Gardening is also beneficial for the environment because it filters CO2 out of the air and replaces it with oxygen in the same way that a tree does.

And if you grow the plants indoors, then it can improve your indoor air quality as well.

hobbies to do alone solo
You can also take up investing as a hobby by starting with some stress-free investments.

Solo Hobbies That Can Make Money

Who doesn’t love the idea of making money while doing something that they truly enjoy? Many people struggle to find a career that brings them happiness.

However, they can find a hobby that brings them happiness. And, in time, they can begin to profit from that hobby.

We’ve already discussed the profit potential of gaming, but that’s only one hobby that can make money. Fishing, making soap, and playing an instrument are other hobbies we’ve mentioned that can make money with the right skill level and dedication.

What are some other hobbies that you can do alone and profit from?

Making Jewelry

Craft lovers have been finding ways to profit from their creations for centuries. People love unique jewelry, and it can be very easy to sell.

Websites like Etsy have made it easier than ever for people to put their creations online and make a few dollars. With enough time and skill, you can turn a hobby like making jewelry into a full-time job.


If you enjoy writing, then blogging is a great solo hobby that also has huge profit potential. The great thing about blogging is that anybody can do it, and you can write about anything that you enjoy.

As long as your content is unique and well-written, you will continue to build an audience. Over time, that audience can become an income source through advertisements and purchasing merchandise.


You may not think of investing as a hobby, but many people do. When you look at investing as a fun way to engage with the market, you worry less about the profit margin and more about the entertainment value.

This can lead to some interesting stress-free investments that eventually make big returns. There are large communities of online investors who do it for fun, and you can be one of them.

Summary and Final Recommendations

What do you want out of your next hobby? Are you interested in something you can do alone inside the comfort of your house? If so, then gaming is a great option. If you want to get outdoors, then fishing, archery, or gardening are all great choices.

Frugal introverts may enjoy reading as a completely free hobby. And if making a profit is your long-term goal, then consider blogging, selling crafts, or investing. What matters most is that you find something you enjoy.

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