12 Of The Best Hobbies That Use Computers

Computers are not only made for work but also for pursuing your passion and interests. So here we have listed down some of the best hobbies that use computers for you to look into.

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Do you love computers and are looking for something new to do? Are you looking for a new hobby that involves the use of computers?

Well, a hobby should always delve into your passion.

If you are passionate about computers, here are some of the most important hobbies to consider.

1. Website Design 

Have you ever thought of creating your own website? Well, it is not as hard as it previously was. You will find a lot of programming languages to help you through the process of creating a website.

If you are running an online business or simply want to have your own website, website design is an amazing hobby you need to consider. Remember, a lot of people are interested in website design, so you need to find a way to break into the market. Try something that your competitors are not doing for the best results.

You can also make some money from this hobby by creating websites for other people.

2. Blogging

Do you love writing and are looking for a computer-based hobby to try out? Blogging is the best choice to consider for a hobby in this category. With a good computer, strong internet, and a few tech skills, you are good to go.

You need to have a great blogging topic, especially one that you are passionate about, to get started. Don’t forget to look for a cool domain name too. You can always use your blog like your personal diary or simply share topics that you love. If your blog becomes viral, you can monetize it and earn a lot of money from it.

3. Online Gaming 

Do you love video games? If you are looking for a hobby that helps you socialize and is computer-based, online gaming is a great start.

With online gaming, you should be able to socialize with other players around the world. You can try out immersive online games that need a lot of strategizing and problem-solving skills. Also, you need to remember a lot of information to participate in these games.

Online gaming should help you improve your memory and your overall cognitive abilities. Did you know that video games can also help you focus on a goal and achieve it? Try online gaming today and enjoy an amazing hobby where you don’t have to step away from your computer.

computer hobby digital editing
More often than not, the magic behind eye-catching photos relies on digital editing. So transform your photography from good to great by taking up this hobby.

4. Digital Editing

Do you love taking photographs? Well, photography is a great hobby, but even better, you should consider digital editing, especially if you are looking for a computer-based hobby. Most of the photos around are in a digital format, so there are endless opportunities for you to get started.

A great platform to help you start this hobby is Photoshop. Here, you can retouch and edit images according to your preferences. Before discovering the full benefits of Photoshop, you can play around with the basics and the numerous shortcuts to have fun.

5. Programming 

If you love computers, programming is definitely a great hobby to help you get started. Even better, it can turn out to be an amazing profitable opportunity for you. Learn programming today to sharpen your professional skills as you try out various fun projects.

Did you know that with programming, you can create a lot of things that you never thought were possible? Start out today with the programming basics, regardless of whether or not you want to try out intricate software. Coding and programming are fun hobbies for people who are tech-savvy.

6. Coding Games 

If you know basic programming, you can always try out coding games as a hobby. You don’t have to be a professional coding expert to try out these games. You will simply enjoy the fun of making new things.

Even better, you will love coming up with things and ideas that are useful to other people. It is also a great way to boost your creativity and problem-solving skills. Coding games also allow you to socialize with other coding professionals and network accordingly.

7. Learn Everything About Excel

If you are looking for a new hobby that is computer-based, you should try to master everything there is to know about Excel. Yes, it requires a lot of self-discipline to pull it off but it’s a great time to spend time on a computer. Excel is an amazing software with so many functionalities.

Yes, you may know a few tricks, but there is always something new to learn every day. With this amazing hobby, you should be able to do your projects effortlessly. Also, you will have a great time showing off your Excel skills. It will also come in handy in your employment.

8. Video Editing 

Most of the content you will find online is video-oriented. Therefore, by taking up video editing as a hobby, you may end up making a lot of money as you have fun editing videos online.

The market is always looking for people with video editing skills. It’s easy to learn and enjoyable as a hobby too. Use any of the platforms available online to learn more about video editing for the best results.

computer hobby TikTok
This app has conquered the digital world through its unique and entertaining micro video content. Download TikTok on your smartphone to be on your way to becoming an influencer.

9. TikTok As A Hobby 

Yes, TikTok has taken the world by storm and it’s time to do it too. It’s also a great way to pay your bills. Getting started with TikTok isn’t too hard, but you need to be authentic as possible if you want to pull it off. You will make more money if you are authentic and you create genuine content on the platform.

Even better, you can spend time looking at other people’s posts and find a way to create unique content. With more views, you should be able to reach out to brands and become an influencer on the platform effortlessly.

10. Online Journaling 

Journaling is a great hobby and even more fun if you do it online. One of the benefits of doing this is that you can access your journal anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling as a hobby or at work. You will be able to access your journal and continue writing away.

Even better, you can scan your old journals and load them online so you can have access to everything you need. Currently, there are numerous online journaling apps that you can use for the best results.

11. 3D Modeling 

It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer or not, but 3D modeling is a hobby that many engineers enjoy. These online models can be used in engineering, architecture, video games, and also movies.

To get started with 3D modeling, you need to have the right software for the job. Try out SelfCAD, 3DSlash, or anything else you feel comes in handy as a beginner. If you stick with this hobby for a long time, it will become a great opportunity for a new job.

12. Data Organization

Do you have too many files on your computer or cloud? Do you feel like the clutter is making it hard for you to focus on anything? Well, data organization might not seem fun at first, but if you love decluttering then this is a great hobby.

You can clear old files on your computer effortlessly and create space for something new. Even better, you can spark your creativity every time you are working on a properly organized computer.


Most people are always working on their computers. It’s understandable to look for a hobby that involves working on a computer. Try these out and many more hobbies to engage your creative side as you use your computer without any hassle. These are easy to get started, so try them out for the best results.

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