Great Hobby Ideas For Working Moms

Working moms ultimately deserve to have a good time whenever they are able to. So sit back and relax as we share with you some great hobby ideas for working moms.

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Saying moms are busy is a great understatement. Moms have to carve out time and tend to their kids, husbands, homes, jobs, and a slew of other responsibilities.

Maintaining all these “jobs” can be overwhelmingly stressful, which is why you need other lifestyle options that can assist you to live a more balanced life. Having a hobby can help with this. 

But with a lot to deal with as a working mom, finding the time to engage in a hobby can seem improbable, but I’m here to tell you that you can still get time for your preferred hobby. The trick is incorporating your hobby into your work schedule.

This read looks at top hobby ideas for working moms to consider.

Are Hobbies Helpful?

Hobbies are remarkable pass time activities that can assist you to foster a strong social lifestyle. When you have a hobby that you sincerely enjoy, you can rest easy knowing that there’s an activity you can turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stressed out to balance out those feelings.

Hobbies assist in building confidence

Engaging in a hobby gives you the chance to acquire a set of new skills and sharpen the ones you already have. The obstacles and solutions you get during this period can really help boost your self-confidence and problem-solving abilities.

An excellent method of expressing one’s creativity

Given the rigors of daily life, it can be next to impossible finding the time to express our creative side. Hobbies can help unlock this personal side of yourself.

Hobbies help to keep your mind engaged and clear

Engaging in an action that goes out of the scope of your routine will assist to challenge your brain. The brain is often said to be similar to a muscle where it needs regular exercise.

Engaging in a monotonous routine every day doesn’t do much in helping the mind grow and remain healthy. A hobby where you’re constantly being challenged keeps your thoughts free-flowing and your mind engaged.

Hobbies can help make extra money

This is another reason why working moms would benefit more compared to others by having a hobby. Nobody requires extra dollars more than a mother who’s working. You can save up the extra bucks for a rainy day, take the family out, or you can pamper yourself with a massage once in a while.

working mom hobbies selecting
Working moms need to factor in time, budget, and interest compatibility when it comes to selecting a fun hobby to pursue.

How To Select A Hobby

If you are here, chances are that you haven’t pinpointed a suitable hobby for yourself. Well, don’t worry about it. Like most working moms, what may be hindering you is TIME.

With your busy schedule juggling home life and work life, getting the time on any given day can seem impossible. So when considering which hobby to choose, you have to think, “When or where during the day can I fix my new interest?” 

Places you may be able to squeeze in the time include:

During your daily commute

If your journey from home to work and back takes more than 20 minutes, you can easily incorporate hobbies that entail listening.

During family time

Having a hobby that you do with the family can really be an incredible experience that grows you as a family and creates open lines of communication with the kids and spouse.

So, if you find you’ve got limited time, working your hobby into the family’s dynamic can really help alleviate the pressures of home life. When you’re sharing something for a period of time, you’re bound to talk a lot as you try to figure out the activity at hand.

Other factors to consider when choosing a hobby:

Is it thought-provoking?

You should settle on a hobby with a continuous learning curve. Don’t go for a steep curve that takes several years for you to be savvy. Choose an activity you can gradually improve on with every session.

Is it aligned with your strengths? 

When selecting a hobby, make sure to go for an activity that matches your strengths. If you’re more artistic, then an artsy hobby is ideal for you. If you’re quantitative, an activity that is mathematically stimulating could be for you.

Just pinpoint what you are good at and build from there. The whole reason for having a hobby in the first place is to let loose and enjoy your free time. When choosing this new interest in your life, make sure to consider your education, fitness level, your passions, and finances.  

What’s the budget?

There are hobbies you can participate in for no cost, while there are those that will cost you some money to facilitate. The flexible income you’ve got should assist you to determine the ideal hobby for your case. It wouldn’t be in your interest to select an expensive hobby that you don’t have money to spare.

The good news is that the majority of hobbies are budget-friendly, and you can start any time. For instance, if you like photography, you can begin with your smartphone – no need to buy photography equipment.

working mom hobbies gardening
Working moms may highly be interested in hobbies that they can do from the comforts of their home as well as something they can enjoy with the rest of the family.

Hobbies To Consider

Learning a new language

Understanding and speaking more than one language can really help you in this modern world. If you’ve always wished to acquire a new language, you can begin this hobby during your morning and evening commute.

The time you spend on the road is enough for you to pick up a new tongue. The good news is that you can download language apps from the App Store to assist you to learn during your commutes. 


Gardening enables you to connect with nature and will help clear your mind as you nurture what you are growing. You can engage in this activity with your family or by yourself while the children are playing.

The best part about gardening as a hobby is that you don’t need to have expansive land or a big yard. You can be labeled a gardener by just having a couple of potted herbs in the house that you regularly water and prune.

A major bonus of gardening is that if you garden fruits, veggies, or herbs, you can harvest them and reduce your grocery expenses. It will be therapeutic and also save you money.


Painting is an artsy activity that’s open and super fun. Given the busy schedule of a working mother, painting helps stimulate the creative side of the brain and frees up the mind from the stresses of the day.

The hobby is inexpensive to start. You only require paper, paint, paintbrushes, and an idea you can draw on paper. You can even have a different theme with every session to challenge your drawing skills. This is far better than watching TV during the weekends.  


This can be a great way to kill two birds with a single stone.

You can experiment with a special recipe you picked up to bake or cook for the family. You can use the kitchen as your canvas to come up with new recipes and experiment with how the dishes have turned out with the kids.

An apron, kitchen equipment, and Google are all you need to get started.

Final Word

Given the range of tasks working mothers are subjected to on a daily basis, they are bound to get stressed and ultimately spill the frustration onto other family members unduly.

The good news is that hobbies assist in alleviating stress by engrossing you in an activity you enjoy, which frees up your mind and enables you to relax. From the hobby ideas for working mothers provided above, I believe you can get the best hobby or hobbies that fit into your working schedule.

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