15 Best Hobbies For Teenagers That Don’t Suck

“Mom, I’m bored!” Teenagers will be much more engaged if they can find hobbies that interest them. Here are some of the best hobbies for teenagers to get them away from their devices.

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If you have teenagers in the house, you must have heard them say over and over again that they are bored.

Besides spending most of their time in school and in front of the screen, you need to make sure they have hobbies that keep them happy and motivated all along.

Here are the top hobbies for teenagers to try out today.

best hobbies for teenagers musical instrument
Some hobbies for teenagers will allow them to learn life-changing skills. 

Hobbies For Teenagers To Learn New Skills

If you are looking for great hobbies for teenagers to learn new skills, include the following.

Learning A Foreign Language

Encourage your teenagers to learn a new foreign language. It’s a great way to learn how to communicate with others, improve their grades in school, and also may be profitable in the future if they land a job that requires a foreign language.


Ignite the passion for cooking in your teenagers by encouraging them to learn it as a hobby. It is useful since they can learn to prepare meals for themselves and may even become a profitable career in the future if they end up being chefs.

Playing A Musical Instrument

If your teenager is passionate about music, you can encourage them to learn a musical instrument.

Music always brings peace and relief in times of stress. It can be calming to teenagers, especially when ravaged by hormones. Also, it’s a hobby they will appreciate as they grow into adults.

Sewing And Knitting

It may appear to be a hobby for older people, but sewing and knitting are great hobbies for teenagers. They can learn how to make their own clothes, follow patterns and come up with their own designs.

Knitting, on the other hand, is a soothing hobby. It allows your teenagers to create wonderful knitted pieces.

Painting And Drawing

These are useful hobbies that will teach your teenagers how to capture different things in their environment or abstract figures. They will learn how to play with darkness and light without fail. Painting and drawing can also help relieve stress after a long day of high school studies.

Candle Making

It’s a great hobby that gives your teenagers the skills to learn new scents, shapes, and colors. It can also be profitable if they open up an online shop to sell the candles effortlessly.

Sign Language

Besides learning a foreign language, you can encourage your teenagers to learn sign language too. They can learn this online and speak to people who use it. They can even land a job as an interpreter and make this skill useful in their life.

All these hobbies are easy to learn, and there are also numerous online platforms your teenagers can access to learn these hobbies effortlessly. Encourage your teenagers to take up these hobbies to learn these life-changing skills. 

Hobbies For Teenagers To Earn Money 

If you are looking for a way to keep your teenager motivated as they make some extra money, encourage them to try out the following hobbies.


Is your teenager good at a particular subject? Do they love helping other people? Well, they can make tutoring a great hobby and make some money out of it.

Also, they can end up meeting new friends, especially if they are not social. Encourage your teenagers to step out of their comfort zone and teach other people their extensive knowledge.


If your teenagers love nature and growing things, they can always try out gardening as a hobby and make money from it.

They will love getting their hands dirty and growing vegetables or fruits in the garden. They can sell their seedlings or fruits and vegetables and make some money from it.

Dog Walking

Do you have teenagers who love furry friends? Well, dog-walking is a great hobby for dog enthusiasts to take time off their hands and make money too.

It’s also a great idea if you can’t keep a dog in the house because your teenager will have a great time spending time with other people’s dogs.

Encourage your teenager to try out these amazing hobbies, and they can make a pretty penny out of it. Even better, they don’t have to depend on you entirely for their allowance.

best hobbies for teenagers reading books
Encourage your teenagers to have fun beyond their screens.

Hobbies For Teenagers Just For Fun 

Do you feel like your teenagers are spending too much time on their screens? Do you want to encourage them to try out hobbies that make them have fun? Here are some of the best hobbies for teenagers to have a lot of fun.

Reading Books

Away from the screens, it’s much better to have a teenager with their noses buried in books. They can enjoy reading anything from novels, magazines, comic books, and anything else they come across.

Reading is a great hobby for teenagers because they can improve their vocabulary and boost their creativity. Also, at a young age, reading is a great way to get your teenagers to love books even into adulthood. 

Vlogging And Blogging

Does your teenager love making videos and content? Well, vlogging and blogging are amazing hobbies for them. They can set up a YouTube channel and share anything about their passions or favorite topics.

On the other hand, through blogging, your teenagers will learn how to write and pass along their views to other people eloquently. 


Do you have teenagers who love the outdoors and nature? Well, birdwatching is a great hobby for your teenagers. They can watch birds and learn about different bird species and their calls and also learn everything there is to know about birds.

If you buy a bird-watching guide for your teenagers, they will have an amazing time interacting with birds while outdoors.


Spark interest in your teenagers to help others by encouraging them to become volunteers at a young age. There are always people who need help everywhere, and they will never run out of volunteering opportunities.

Whether it’s working at the local soup kitchen or simply working with the church, help your teenagers find the best volunteering opportunity for the best results.


Does your teenager love humor and making people laugh? You can encourage them to create comedy routines and make people laugh effortlessly.

Whether they are doing their comedy routines for their friends or relatives, they will have a great time sharing their jokes as a hobby.

All these hobbies are great to start, and you can help your teenagers research online to find out the best hobby for them.

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Final Thoughts

As a rule of thumb, don’t force your teenagers to try out something they don’t love. If you want to find the best hobbies for your teenagers, make sure they are interested in them in the first place.

Of course, whether you are encouraging them to try out a hobby for fun, to learn a new skill, or just to make money, you need to push them to try out the hobby.

With there being too much content online and on platforms, there are numerous ways for your teenagers to try out a new hobby. 

Also, you can ask your teenager the type of hobby they would be interested in rather than forcing it on them.

These hobbies are perfect for teenagers because they can keep them away from screens. They will socialize with other people and appreciate their love for nature in every way possible.

Take your time to find the best hobby for your teenagers to make sure they do something useful in their teenage years that will last with them forever.

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