Hobbies For A Scorpio That Showcase Your Strength And Competitiveness

Scorpios are not afraid to try new things and show their strength. So read on for a list of hobbies for a Scorpio to choose from.

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When you work hard all day long, it is important that you find time to relax. While some people like to just lie down and take a nap, others prefer to engage in a hobby.

Hobbies are important to a person’s well-being in many ways. The important thing is to find something that you truly enjoy doing.

If you want to get into a new hobby but don’t know how to go about choosing one, you can see which hobbies are compatible with your zodiac sign.

This article will offer some suggestions of good hobbies for a Scorpio. If you are born between October 23rd and November 21st, this article is for you.

Personality Traits, Characteristics, and Quirks of a Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the water signs. As a Scorpio, you are very connected with your emotions. Your feelings go deep, and you are full of intensity. If you engage in a hobby, it would be something that you are truly passionate about.

Because of these deep emotions, you hold dear to your relationships, and you are loyal to your friends and family. You are also ambitious, so whatever hobby you do, you do it with excellence in mind.

Here are some of the specific personality traits of a Scorpio.

  • Tenacious: You do not give up easily. When you set your mind to doing something, you stick with it until you finish. You don’t hold back. You are super-focused, and you expect yourself to show results.
  • Strength: You are strong mentally, and you want to be physically strong as well.
  • Competitive: You like to show that you can excel in an activity, and you want to win.
  • Reserved: You prefer to keep your private life private and not openly express yourself all the time. You tend to not let people know how you think all the time.
  • Analytical: You have a sharp mind. You like to analyze a situation, then plan your action accordingly.
  • Courageous: You do not shy away from difficult tasks. In fact, you tend to step up to volunteer to face a challenge. You like to help others, especially the people in your life.
  • Ambitious: You are not afraid to set high goals. Because you are determined and focused, you let nothing stop you from achieving your goals.
  • Loyal: Scorpios are all about commitment. You put your whole self into what you do and for the people important to you.
hobbies for a Scorpio traits
Based on the traits previously mentioned, read further in order to choose the most suitable hobby for a Scorpio.

Choosing a Hobby Based on These Traits

From the traits of a typical Scorpio described above, you can find hobbies that play up to these characteristics. It is important to keep an open mind because some hobbies might be activities that you never thought you would be interested in doing.

However, it is always worth a try, and you might surprise yourself when you find that you really like it. Being a Scorpio, you will probably not shy away from trying something totally new.

Here are some suggestions of hobbies that are compatible with the traits of a Scorpio.

The Best Hobbies for a Scorpio

High-Intensity Workouts

Maybe you are already exercising regularly, but if you have not tried it, step up a notch and try some high-intensity workouts. You can set a workout goal and challenge yourself to achieve it.

This fits right in with the determination and tenacity that are typical of Scorpios because you will enjoy challenging yourself. You will also like the strength that you gain from this.

You will not hesitate to set a goal that you know is ambitious because you enjoy working hard toward achieving it.

Competitive Sports

Join a local league or a workplace sports team if your employer has something like this. Scorpios are driven to win, so you will be an asset to any team you join.

Plus, the comradery you build among your teammates will foster a strong bond as you build new friendships. It will give you a chance to show your loyalty to the team.

Card Games

Card games are all about playing the right card at the right time. It requires a lot of strategy and planning, something that Scorpios are strong at.

You love to win, but if you lose, you won’t get discouraged. You enjoy the challenge and will just play again to try to win next time.

Reading Detective Novels

You love to solve mysteries because they challenge your analytical abilities. Watching detective shows can also be enjoyable for you.

Hiking Or Backpacking

Long hikes to a destination, especially one that takes some effort to reach, is particularly satisfying. Join a hiking club or get together with friends who are just as active as you are and set a course.

You like physical activity and the challenge. You find the hike exhilarating, and the companionship brings you a lot of joy. When you reach your destination, the sense of accomplishment is most satisfying.


It might not be a hobby in a traditional sense, but it can be something that you enjoy doing because you like to help others.

Being a go-getter, you can even start a volunteer group for a worthy cause in your neighborhood. Not only will it give you a sense of fulfillment, but the results will benefit your community.

hobbies for a Scorpio avoid
Social media might go against Scorpio’s reserved nature.

Hobbies That Scorpios Should Avoid

Scorpios are strong and high-energy. So, there are hobbies that are probably not the right fit for Scorpios. Here are some examples.


Scorpios like to be active. Knitting takes a lot of patience and time to finish a project. You probably won’t have the patience for a quiet activity like this.


Scorpios do not dwell too much on the past because they are forward-thinkers. Although you cherish people in your inner circle, you’d rather spend actual time with them instead of sitting around putting a memory book together.

Social Media

Some people turn to social media a lot to share their opinions about things or to talk about themselves.

A Scorpio is reserved, and going on social media to talk about yourself is probably not something that you will like to do. You save those conversations with those closest to you, and even then, you might not reveal much.

Summary and Final Recommendations

In choosing a new hobby, rather than just pulling one out of a hat at random, find something that fits the personality traits of your zodiac sign.

If you are a Scorpio and are looking for a new hobby to try, the hobbies listed above are a good place to start. These have a better chance of matching what you like to do.

Granted, this is just a general list to get you started because there are thousands of hobbies out there. This is not to say that this list is universally true for every Scorpio out there.

Because each person is still a unique individual, just because a hobby is listed as not compatible with a Scorpio does not mean that you should not even try it.

Because Scorpios are adventurous, you are not afraid to try new things. It can even be a personal challenge for you to try something that everyone else says is not suitable for a Scorpio.

This might sound contradictory to the whole premise of this article, but it actually reinforces what a Scorpio is because you like to test yourself to the limits.

It is not in your nature to say, “I can’t do it.” So, don’t let anyone stop you from trying your hand at some knitting or scrapbooking anyway!

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