5 Best (and Worst) Hobbies for a Selfless and Empathetic Pisces

Pisces are known to be the most gentle of all the zodiac signs. So here, let’s look at some of the best (and worst) hobbies for the selfless Pisces.

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Can’t find a hobby you like? Perhaps nothing interests you? How about a hobby based on your zodiac sign? It’s easy to find something that piques your interest when you align it with your personality.

If you’re a Pisces on a quest for a balanced life, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is a complete hobby guide for Pisces. Use this guide to spark your interests, be inspired, and find your passion!

Personality Traits, Characteristics, and Quirks of Pisces

Pisces (February 18 to March 20) are considered the psychics of the zodiac. They give more than they take and are believed to be the gentlest of all the zodiac signs.

They have a reputation for being emotionally sensitive, kind, and aware. Here are their most prominent characteristics.

Exceptionally Selfless and Nurturing

Pisces are the epitome of selflessness, and they would go to great lengths to assist others. They nurture to the point where they will stop doing something for themselves just to look after you.

Moreover, they are quite perceptive, meaning that they don’t even need to be asked to help someone out.


They’re the universe’s empaths, highly perceptive and psychic. Their intuitive ability helps them feel deeply and be in tune with other people’s emotions in a manner that no one else can.


They are gracefully resilient and adaptable. That’s because they understand people for who they are. As such, they make excellent “chameleons,” able to get along with a wide range of personalities and find a way to flow with whatever life throws at them.

Imaginative and Artistic

Pisces are extremely creative and can channel their water-sign energy to give the world something beautiful. If you’re looking for a Pisces who has lived up to their sign, Rihanna is a great example!

They can produce exceptional art, but sometimes they forget to take care of themselves in pursuit of their big dreams.

Overly Emotional

Although being so in tune with their emotions might help Pisces relate to others, it can also cause them to be overly emotional and moody. Don’t be surprised when a Pisces starts crying or shuts down completely during a disagreement and takes forever to recover from it.


Most Pisces are easy-going and relaxed. Some might even call them lazy. That’s because most of them spend much too much time in their fantasy world.

Because they are so enthusiastic, if something doesn’t impress them, their lazy side will take over, and they will laze around and be as lackadaisical as they can.

hobbies for Pisces traits
Pisces possess outstanding creative ideas.

Choosing a Hobby Based on These Traits

We are great at finding hobbies as children. We participate in sports, take music and dance lessons, collect action figures, and spend our days learning a variety of skills.

However, somewhere along the way to adulthood, we stop attempting new things and devote less time to our hobbies.

But it’s not too late. Now that you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can find something that will keep you glued.

That said, because we can’t cover all possible activities here, let’s try to figure out which basic areas might fit Pisces.

Caregiving Because They’re Empathetic

Because Pisces are givers and healers, they should pursue interests that allow them to contribute to society. It could be volunteer work, assisting the needy, paying visits to the sick, and so on. They make excellent caregivers.

Art Because They’re Creative

Because of their creativity, Pisces make wonderful artists, dancers, painters, actors, and musicians.

They appreciate being away from the real world, which provides them with outstanding creative ideas in any medium. That said, Pisces enjoy writing, singing, painting, photography, cooking, and any other skill that is artsy.

Nature Because They’re Nurturers

They appreciate water-related hobbies and workouts because they are water signs. Fishing, boating, and swimming are among their favorite pastimes.

That goes hand in hand with their admiration for the natural world. They enjoy going to the beach, surfing, traveling, and taking nature walks.

Top 5 Best Hobbies for Pisces

1. Boating (and Swimming While at It)

Pisces are contemplative spirits that prefer to spend their free time away from the world. Boating presents itself as a perfect hobby where they can meditate, free themselves from the world, and be in their element (water sign).

Swimming also appeals to them, as they enjoy being in the water. It’s also quite meditative and calming.

2. Drawing (with Music Playing in the Background)

Pisces have a fantastical, imaginative view of the world that makes them quirky and colorful.

They are drawn to the arts and can enjoy drawing, photography, painting, hair stylist, florists, and graphic design. Their creativity will soar a notch higher while listening to soothing music in the background!

3. Playing an Instrument

Pisceans prefer to get away from the mundane aspects of life as much as possible, and what better way to do it than by playing an instrument or listening to beautiful music?

Music can transport listeners away from the mundane features of reality and into a deep well of feelings and emotions.

hobbies for Pisces writing
With their romantic outlook on the world, Pisces would thrive in writing.

4. Writing

People born under the sign of Pisces have the greatest chance of becoming the next William Shakespeare.

These fish are born with a romantic outlook on the world, and as a result, they have some of the most poetic hearts on the planet. It doesn’t matter if it’s poetry, songwriters, or novelists.

5. Charity Work

Working in the charity sector allows Pisceans to put their empathy and compassion skills to use for a good cause. They normally show great dedication and passion if they believe their efforts will help those in need.

Pisces would enjoy this hobby as long as it involves assisting others and keeps them away from monotonous, repetitive work.

4 Hobbies That Pisces Should Avoid

1. Hunting

Pisceans are known for being nurturing and sensitive people. Hunting entails the killing of animals for sport; thus, that’s a no-no!

2. Organizing/Cleaning

Anything that immerses them in the mundane tasks of reality bores them. If they had to arrange and clean, they would become bored unless they were allowed to daydream while doing the dishes.

3. Sports

These ones prefer to avoid anything that demands a lot of physical exertion and focus.

Furthermore, sports, whether hockey, baseball, baseball, or football, are highly realistic, and if you aren’t totally focused on what’s going on around you, you can end up with a ball thrown at your face!

4. Skydiving

This may come as a shock since Pisces love nature, but scary action is where they draw the line.

Granted, some Pisceans are more courageous than others, so we’re not implying that everyone born under this sign is a wimp. But it’s safe to say that a good number is.

The Time is Now: Find Something that You’ll Naturally Love Doing

Let’s conclude with some science. A vast amount of evidence suggests that how you spend your free time affects your health and that hobbies are beneficial in a variety of ways.

A research study conducted by The San Francisco State University, for example, shows that people who pursued creative hobbies outside of work performed better.

The Pittsburgh Enjoyable Activities Test, which is used to assess the impact of hobbies and leisure pursuits on general health, also assesses the impact of hobbies on individuals.

Consequently, people who pursue their hobbies enjoy better physical health, better sleep, reduced stress levels, and are overall more fulfilled.

That said, if you’re a Pisces trying to add value to your life, perhaps get a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, now is the time to explore one of the aforementioned activities. Painting, boating, swimming, painting, name it. The time is now!


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