15 Top-Rated Hobbies For Nature Lovers

If you consider yourself a nature lover, then there’s nothing better than the great outdoors. Keep on reading to see our list of top-rated hobbies for nature lovers to spend even more time out and about.

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Hobbies are essential to connect to something that interests you and for self-fulfillment. If you are not sure of what type of hobby to try next, one of the best places to start would be getting outdoors in nature. 

The Advantages Of Outdoor Hobbies

  • They get you active – An outdoor hobby is great for both exercise and movement.
  • You get to breathe fresh air – Nothing matches up to breathing in clean, fresh air!
  • An outdoor hobby allows you to socialize outside – If you are looking for a hobby that involves meeting new people, look for one of the social nature-loving hobbies. 
  • Outdoor hobbies are also fantastic for solitary individuals – If you prefer to spend time alone, a solitary nature-loving hobby gives you the ideal opportunity to spend time on your own. 
  • Outdoor hobbies allow people to escape from their routines – If you spend most of your time at the office, an outdoor hobby offers the perfect excuse to escape from your usual indoor routines.

The Best Hobbies For Nature Lovers

1. Hiking

Hiking is the ideal outdoor hobby if you love getting out in nature. It is also one of the best hobbies for those who like to keep active. Hiking offers an opportunity to test your capabilities and explore new places. You can also choose to go on a solo hike when you need some time away to clear your mind. 

2. Camping

Camping is another popular outdoor hobby for nature lovers. It doesn’t involve a lot of skill, but the costs linked to this hobby can get expensive, especially if you choose the RV camping route. If you are just starting out, car camping is one of the best options, or you can choose to borrow or rent a tent and any other gear that you might need. 

3. Bird Watching

If you have a passion for birds and spending time immersed in nature, bird watching may be the perfect hobby for you. You can combine photography equipment and gear with a list of birds you would like to find. Keep an active log going to make these special experiences more rewarding. 

4. Foraging

Foraging involves searching for resources and food in nature. Before you decide to take up this hobby, it is important to either go on a course or do a bit of research on what is safe and what isn’t before eating anything. 

5. Photography

Nature is really beautiful, and if you are looking for hobbies that capture your tranquil surroundings, photography may be your best bet. Photography could also inspire you to travel to unknown places. It is also an excellent hobby for people who love to travel and for those that want to build creative skills while spending their time outdoors in nature. 

hobbies for nature lovers kayaking or canoeing
It may cost a bit when it comes to kayaking or canoeing, but the experience it brings is surely worth it.

6. Kayaking or Canoeing

Even though kayaks and canoes may cost a bit upfront, just about all the locations where you are permitted to go canoeing will usually have canoe or kayak rentals nearby. Do a bit of research for “canoeing near me” or “kayaking near me” to see what comes up in your area. Paddling around in a kayak is an excellent activity for couples, friends, or even on your own. 

7. Gardening

Gardening is one of those relaxing and rewarding hobbies for plant lovers, or simply spending a bit of time outdoors. Growing plants and vegetables in your own backyard are extremely rewarding since you will reap the benefits of your labor.

8. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding offers a way to connect with animals. While this could be a really enjoyable hobby for those that love horses, barriers to entry are often very expensive. Horseback riding is regarded as one of the more expensive hobbies that people can do. 

9. Bird Feeding

Bird feeding is another fantastic hobby for those that love the outdoors. It is also a cheap hobby to start since all you will need is a few bird feeders set up in your garden or yard.

There are several options to choose from, and you get to enjoy watching many different types of birds from your own yard soon after taking up this activity. All that is needed is a bird feeder, a tree to hang the feeder from, and a handful of birdseed. 

10. Butterfly Watching

Butterfly watching is one of those niche hobbies that often goes very well with an activity such as gardening or hiking. It involves learning about and watching butterflies along with butterfly conservation. It is not one of the most popular hobbies, but it will involve spending time in nature. 

11. Astronomy 

Amateur astronomy is a hobby that involves viewing different celestial objects across the sky. This is a highly interesting hobby and is obviously best done once it gets dark.

The entry barrier for this activity ranges from free (by looking at stars and planets with the naked eye) to thousands of dollars if you decide to invest in a high-powered telescope.

Before you decide to spend money on expensive equipment, make sure that this is something that you are really passionate about. 

12. Raising Free-Range Chickens

This is a hobby that will involve raising chickens on your land to harvest the eggs. It does require a lot of work and effort, but many people think the rewards are worth it. This is also a hobby that you could eventually turn into a side hustle to help you make an extra income. 

13. Geocaching

Geocaching is one of the newer outdoor hobbies that has only been around since the start of the century. It is an activity that involves finding items that are hidden with the use of a GPS device. Another popular name used for geocaching is “treasure hunting.” 

hobbies for nature lovers composting
Get the best of both worlds with composting, since it allows you to both save the environment and spend more time outdoors.

14. Composting

Composting is a form of disposing of waste that is beneficial to the surrounding environment, especially for gardeners. Composting involves the act of biodegrading waste that is organic and is regarded as nature’s method of recycling.

If you love spending time outdoors in your garden, making your own compost pile could be the perfect hobby for you. Compost is organic waste that is filled with nutrients. It makes the ideal top layer for your vegetable and flower beds. 

15. Beekeeping

This is a really cool hobby that you can take up from home (assuming that you have enough space for it). It will involve the maintenance and housing of bees with the goal of harvesting honey. This hobby will require a set of equipment for you to get started. It also requires a fair amount of precautions and extensive research. 

When it comes to the hobbies that are related to nature, animals, and wildlife, there are so many opportunities to take advantage of in this particular niche. The great outdoors is vast, and it has so much to offer that it is easy for just about anybody to find something that will match up to their lifestyle and interests. 

Some are free, while others are cheap or expensive. The first step should involve finding something that really appeals to you.


Hobbies are really important when it comes to achieving a balanced and well-rounded life.  Putting aside some time to partake in an outdoor hobby will provide the emotional, mental, creative, and physical benefits that will make your life more fun, relaxing, and meaningful.

Regardless of the type of hobby you decide on, the advantages of getting out in nature and participating in an activity or hobby that you really enjoy will reap many rewards for both your mind, body, and soul.

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