The 18 Best Hobbies For Busy Moms

Being a mom doesn’t have to consume a mother’s whole identity. Even busy moms still have a lot of things they want to try. Keep on reading to find some of the best hobbies for busy moms.

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For many women, becoming a mother often turns into all-consuming tasks.

It is very easy to get distracted by the daily tasks of motherhood, and many women forget what and who they are before they spend all their time raising children.

This is why it is so important for moms to try a new hobby or activity to maintain a sense of worth and self. 

Why Are Hobbies Good For Moms?

Mothers should have good habits that bring perspective, fulfillment, and balance into their daily lives. Below are some of the reasons why:

Provides Perspective

Hobbies for mothers help to take their minds off their daily routines. There are many aspects of being a mother that can be fun, but much of this role is also extremely exhausting. 

Staying at home just about every day can start to feel isolating, which is why a hobby or two to keep a mom occupied during the weekends or evenings helps to give her perspective. 

Hobbies For Moms Helps To Rejuvenate The Mind

When busy moms spend a bit of time on a hobby, they will feel refreshed, more patient, and encouraged. Whether the hobby involves decorating projects, photography, or sewing, they often come away feeling energized. 

Prevents Moms From Losing Their Sense Of Identity

Stay-at-home moms are well-known for losing their identities. This usually occurs since it becomes difficult to transition from being worried about oneself to constantly having to worry about others. 

From daily schedules to a mom’s body and clothes, there are hardly any areas that remain constant after motherhood. Finding a hobby, or an activity that the mom is good at, helps them to feel more fulfilled and have more control over their life. 

Overwhelmed mothers often feel like they do not have the capacity or time to adopt a new hobby, but it is often the perfect thing that is needed. 

busy mom hobbies meditation
Moms also want to try and discover new things despite their busy schedules. From meditation to crafts, feel free to start a hobby that sparks your interest.

The Best Hobbies For Moms

1. Meditation

Meditation is the ideal hobby for moms that have limited time. There are guided meditations that can be downloaded from an app such as Calm. Meditation is a quick and easy hobby that helps to elevate mood and a feeling of well-being.  

2. Try A New Recipe

Cooking is already a common activity for most moms. It can be turned into a fun chore when learning a few new recipes. Learning how to prepare Insta-Pot recipes or sheet pan meals can be enjoyable and help to save a lot of time. 

3. Start A Journal

Journaling is a fantastic hobby for busy moms. This is a hobby that won’t take up a lot of time or space. Journaling is also one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress and improve sleep. These are all the things that many mothers need anyway. 

4. Create Photo Books

Just about every mom has many pictures stored on their mobile phone. A fun hobby could include getting these memories off a phone and turning them into photo books. This is the digital alternative to scrapbooking that many mothers were into during the 90s. 

5. Meal Planning

This is an ideal hobby for a busy mom looking to free up a bit of time on weekends. Once the meal planning habit is formed, it becomes very easy and will only take a couple of minutes.

There are many Instagram communities and Facebook groups that can help with inspiration and for sharing tricks and tips. 

6. Plant Flowers

Gardening might be one of the popular hobbies, but it can become time-consuming for a busy mom.

Planting flowers is an easy and quick alternative. Caring for plants such as flowers is easy. They are also pretty and make the perfect gift for close friends. 

7. Create A Vision Board

Everyone has dreams or desires about what their families, homes, and lives will become. Vision boards are excellent tools to clarify priorities and goals in each of these areas.

Creating a vision board is as easy as collecting inspirational quotes and images that motivate the person to create a life they are proud of. 

8. Audiobooks

Many busy moms don’t have enough time to enjoy reading as a hobby. Audiobooks are an excellent hobby that busy moms can listen to while working out at the gym, cleaning the house, or between dropping off and picking up the kids. 

9. Card Making

This is a hobby that suits crafty moms. Making cards is a thoughtful and useful hobby. 

busy mom hobbies crochet
Crochet is perfect for moms who want to save time in learning a new craft.

10. Learning How To Crochet

For moms that are interested in learning a new craft, but don’t have much time, crocheting could be the perfect hobby. It is very easy to put down or pick up, and most moms are successful in their first session. 

11. Tabata

Tabata is the ideal hobby for a mom that is mindful of her fitness. It is a fast workout routine that takes between 20 to 30 minutes to finish. These workouts also provide excellent results. 

12. Yoga 

The stress-lowering and fitness benefits of exercise routines such as yoga have made it one of the most popular choices as a “mom hobby.” 

13. Spinning

For moms that love riding bikes, but do not have easy access to a trail near their home, indoor cycling or spinning is an excellent alternative.

It is also a great way to let off some steam and get fit. Many gyms offer classes, but there is also the option to buy a bike for home use. 

14. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is another fantastic fitness hobby that can be beneficial for busy moms. Fast 20-second bursts of high-impact exercises, which are then followed by 10 seconds to rest, allow for a complete workout in under 30 minutes. 

15. Learn A New Language

For moms that have the time, learning a new language can be fun and educational. Apps such as Duolingo turn language acquisition into something affordable and easy. 

16. Photography

For most moms, it is pretty common to take a lot of pictures. This provides the perfect opportunity to up their game.

Today there are many online photography classes to consider. Some moms could even turn their photography skills into a lucrative side-hustle where they start making a bit of money from it. 

17. Cricut Crafts

Cricut projects are highly addictive. Moms can use some of the ideas on Pinterest for wall art, mugs, and many other ideas for gifts to sell or make. 

18. Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is one of those fun and easy creative outlets that provide a way for a mom to become expressive and artistic.

This hobby requires minimal supplies, which can easily be turned into an attractive side-hustle when creating customized projects for friends and family members. 

Takeaways On Hobbies For Moms

When becoming a mother, it is very easy for a person to lose their sense of worth or self amongst the needs of their family and the daily to-do lists. 

And while many busy moms feel like they do not have enough time to dedicate to much else, a small outlet is often very beneficial for them to refill their own buckets and maintain their identities. These hobbies also allow them to maintain a positive attitude, allowing them to be the best moms possible. 

A hobby or craft doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive either. Even a couple of minutes daily or a few times a week often brings about a dramatic difference. It also helps a woman to remember who they once were before becoming a mother.

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