8 Most Popular Hobbies For Engineers

Engineers can improve both their job skills and their mental well-being by pursuing a technical hobby they enjoy. Keep on reading to discover the most popular hobbies for engineers.

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Everyone needs a few relaxing activities or hobbies, and this also applies to engineers.

Engineers, like any other human being, need a bit of downtime now and again. Not much else compares to indulging in hobbies that distract you from the busyness and chaos of life. 

Why Is It Important For Engineers To Have Hobbies?

Hobbies offer the ideal way to keep your mental well-being in the best condition, and even an engineer can greatly benefit from them.

Hobbies keep the mind active, provide the ideal way to meet and socialize with other like-minded individuals, and are an excellent way to develop some tangible and real skills. 

In fact, certain studies have shown that hobbies provide an exceptional means of dealing with some serious mental health problems and, in certain instances, can also significantly improve your well-being and general fitness. 

So What Are The Best Hobbies For Engineers?

While there might be many hobbies to choose from, there appears to be a generalized trend in regards to the options of hobbies and activities that engineers seem to be attracted to.

Below is a list of some of the most popular hobbies suited to engineers.

most popular hobbies for engineers DIY electrical gadgets
The options are endless when you take up making DIY custom projects as a hobby.

1. Building DIY Electrical Gadgets 

If you have a basic knowledge of electrical engineering, then you may be interested in making DIY custom projects. You can choose from several basic electronic gadgets that you can easily make from home. 

You should not have any problems when it comes to collecting the components that you need, or you could even use parts from old and discarded appliances.

Some ideas include starting with a simple electric circuit to make a DIY desk lamp or building your own stereo mixer or home computer; the options are just about endless.

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2. Fermenting Wine Or Brewing Beer

Most engineers prefer taking up hobbies that distract them from their “day jobs” or usual activities. One of these popular hobbies seems to be fermenting wine or brewing beer. 

This is not only a very rewarding hobby, but it can help you to save money over the long run. For this hobby, you can buy a ready-made kit or source the ingredients and components that will be needed. 

When you become an advanced brewer, you can also start to experiment. This could involve adding other ingredients to produce your own flavored beers. If could also try fermenting wine. If you prefer something sweet, you could also try mead. 

3. Get Into Remote-Controlled Cars, Boats, Or Airplanes

These are simple machines that you operate with a hand-held radio transmitter. With the RC models, you can choose between boats, cars, and airplanes, and each category contains several models to choose from. 

Some may think that this is a geeky hobby, but it is actually not that difficult.

You may want to start with simple projects such as building with one of the pre-pared RC kits, which offers the perfect start to find out how to properly use the tools and parts needed to tune, upgrade, and repair. 

4. Metalworking And Woodworking

Similar to brewing beer, most engineers prefer occupying their time with productive activities that don’t always relate to their job. Metalworking and woodworking, as it appears, are also popular pastimes for many engineers. 

Whether it involves making simple pieces of furniture or projects that are more complex, woodworking can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Many attest to a connection they receive when they work with metal or wood using their hands. The texture, smell, and satisfaction that it brings once you have put something together are usually unparalleled. 

While this could be a fantastic hobby for most adults, and not just for an engineer, these are hobbies that require an initial investment in order to acquire the tools, equipment, and materials you are going to need. 

5. Start Hunting

Before going on a hunt, there are a few important things that will need to be done first. Firstly, decide on the type of hunting you think you may be interested in.

Regardless of what type of hunting skill you decide on, you will first need a “hunter’s safety certification”, only from there should you start thinking about buying hunting equipment. 

When you start buying your hunting gear, avoid buying starting items, rather use quality gear that will keep you safe when you are out in the unknown. On the days that you decide to go hunting, start in the early morning, and make sure you remain aware of your surroundings. 

most popular hobbies for engineers recreational flying
Engineers interested in aircraft may want to try recreational flying when possible.

6. Recreational Flying

Some engineers enjoy hobbies such as recreational flying. This is an activity that will demand mental faculties and can be quite expensive to undertake. But in many cases, the costs generally far outweigh the pleasure and enjoyment that it brings.

Piloting any type of aircraft requires that you understand, or at least grasp, a range of different subjects. Some of these include aerodynamics, mechanics, meteorology, navigation, physics, and more. This is also one of the hobbies that will require a license. 

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7. Tinker With Old Cars

One of the other popular hobbies for engineers involves tinkering with or completely refurbishing an old car, bike, or any other type of vehicle. While this might be more of a “busman’s holiday” type of hobby, it is most certainly incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. 

While this is also a hobby that will require a bit of effort and time to learn even the basics, you can use online video guides such as YouTube or buy books to help you get started. This is also one of those hobbies that can turn into something more full-time. 

As you build your skills, you could even start to monetize your works on a platform such as YouTube. DIY car repair and maintenance is one of those gifts that keep on giving. 

8. Get Into Camping Or Hiking

If you have grown tired of having to spend all your time indoors, you may want a hobby that relates to nature, such as camping or hiking.

Before you decide to head out on any camping or hiking adventure, make sure you have checked the latest weather forecast, as you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a dangerous situation.

If there are no storms or other adverse weather predicted, you can plan your day for a full hike. It is also important to know that some of the hiking paths can be more demanding and may require the skills to navigate rocky and steep ground. 

If this is the first time you are going on a hike, stick to the easy trails, especially if you have planned your hike with small children. 

If you have the resources and time to spend time outdoors for more than just one day, then camping might be your next best hobby.

The act of sleeping in a tent beneath the stars or cooking meals on an open, roaring fire is one of the best ways to connect with nature and escape your mundane routines. 

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All and any of the hobbies mentioned above are excellent ways to occupy your time and to keep your body and your brain healthy and happy.

Choosing one or several hobbies on this list or anything else that you might feel passionate about will enrich and reward your life in various ways beyond what you can comprehend.

Engineers are typically very hard workers, so taking some time for yourself by taking up one or more new hobbies could be just what you need when you feel like your job has started to consume your life.

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