11 Hobby Ideas For College Students 

College is, without a doubt, both stressful and expensive. Still, allow yourself to have fun genuinely and affordably with these hobby ideas for college students.

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College is very expensive. However, it doesn’t mean that college students should miss out on the fun.

Any little money you have as a college student will go to food, accommodation, and college books. You must never miss out on having fun, especially if college is taking a lot out of you.

Well, here are some of the best hobbies for college students that you should try out immediately. 

1. Volunteering 

You can volunteer for free anywhere, so you don’t have to spend money doing it. Even better, it’s a great way to give back to your community as a college student.

It’s a great hobby that also looks great for future employees. You can check out any of the organizations in your area with volunteering options or the local soup kitchens. It’s a great way to get involved with your community and feel good about it too.

2. Learn A New Language

If you are looking for a hobby to help you get away from your busy college life, you can always learn a new language. It’s very easy to learn a new language nowadays, thanks to the numerous apps available. Even better, you don’t have to pay anything to learn a new language. You never know where you can apply your new language, especially in your future employment opportunities.

3. Dancing 

If your college life is weighing heavily on you, try dancing. It’s the best way to relax and move your body. Even better, you should be able to have a lot of fun dancing around to different types of music.

You don’t necessarily have to sign up for dance classes to enjoy dancing. You can do it from the comfort of your home. If you want to make it more professional, that’s when you sign up for dance classes. You can also make it a fun social event and dance with your friends for the best results.

college student hobbies cooking
Cooking is one of the best hobbies to learn in college in order for you and your friends to eat healthy and delicious food on a budget.

4. Cooking 

You might not like cooking right now, but once you get into it, you will never stop doing it. You don’t have to be like every other college student who lives on fast food and noodles.

You can simply prepare tasty foods and make it a fun hobby. You will end up saving a lot of money when you make your own meals instead of eating fast food when in college. It’s also a great way to remain healthy as you navigate the tough college life.

You can always learn new recipes and share them with your friends to make it the best social experience with those around you.

5. Drawing 

Do you love drawing but have never really tried it? If you are looking for a new hobby to try out while in college, you should definitely consider drawing.

You can take any of the free courses available online and start drawing as a hobby. It’s an amazing and creative skill that will improve your overall life as a college student. You can do it anywhere and make a pretty penny out of it if you choose to share on social media. Start drawing today and find out other amazing creative skills to hone your hobby.

6. Blogging 

If you love sharing content online, you can always get started with blogging. Yes, the market might be saturated with numerous viral blogs online, but you can always tap into a new niche.

Blogging is a great hobby for any college student because it shows that you are self-motivated, creative, and organized. It’s a great way to show off your writing prowess and impress prospective employers. You can also use blogging as a tool to release any stress you might have with your college studies. 

7. Photography 

If you have always loved capturing photos, you can take up photography as a hobby. It’s an amazing hobby that allows you to see the world through a lens. If you are a college student with a lot of patience or pay a lot of attention to detail, photography is the perfect hobby for you.

It can also be part of your college studies, especially if you are planning to become a journalist or venture into the fashion hobbies. You can share your photos online and meet other interested photographers. It’s a relaxing hobby that will pull you away from the crazy college world if need be.

college student hobbies playing instrument or singing
To briefly let go of the stress in college, give yourself a chance to enjoy and showcase your talent by learning to play your favorite instrument or giving your all as you sing.

8. Playing An Instrument Or Singing 

Do you have a creative personality? Do you have a talent for singing or playing musical instruments? Well, if you are looking for a way to escape from your college studies, you can always learn a new musical instrument or start singing as a hobby.

Remember, these hobbies need a lot of dedication, discipline, and focus. You need to be confident in yourself that you can do it. Get started by asking a friend to teach you, especially if they love playing musical instruments.

Even better, you can also sign up for singing classes and improve your talent effortlessly. Any type of music, whether you are singing or playing an instrument, will be extremely relaxing, in the long run, to help you focus on your studies without any hassle.

9. Arts And Crafts

Do you love pottery, painting, quilting, sewing, or knitting? Well, if you are having a hard time in college, these hobbies will provide you with much-needed relief.

It’s a great way to try out new things and hone your creative side. You can always come up with new ideas and products that will add a lot to your life. You can learn these hobbies online through any of the tutorials available.

Sewing is a simple hobby that can also help you save a lot of money because you don’t have to throw away your clothes if they are torn. If you are studying for an exam, you can also use these arts and crafts to focus your mind allowing you to study better as well as retain more information.

10. Sports

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed about college, you can try out different sports to help you focus and get enough relief. Whether you try football, lacrosse, or any other type of sport, you will always have fun doing it.

If you are not entirely athletic, you can always do these sports for fun. Sitting by the sidelines isn’t so bad because you can cheer for everyone on the field. Every weekend, if there is a game to participate in, you can take away the stress from your studies and refocus effortlessly when you eventually get back into your books.

11. Taking Hikes And Camping 

In college, you are bound to find a lot of friends who love taking hikes or going camping. If you need a hobby to help you get away from your busy college life, being one with nature is a great way to do it.

Taking long hikes will help you appreciate nature and spend time with your friends. Your mind will be free to appreciate what nature has to offer. Even better, you don’t have to spend time in your bed or college dorm when you can go camping to enjoy the outdoors. 


A lot of college students often feel stressed about their studies and end up participating in stressful behavior, such as partying and binge drinking. If you want to escape from your busy college life without necessarily going to parties, these hobbies will prove useful.

Choose the right hobby for you and enjoy doing it as you finish your college studies without any hassle. These hobbies are easy to start, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do them.

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