Intuitive and Creative Hobbies for a Cancer (and Which Ones to Avoid)

Those born with the Cancer sign tend to care for others and are empathetic. So read on for the most suitable hobbies for a Cancer and which ones to avoid.

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Cancer is the cardinal water sign, and they tend to feel most comfortable in the warmth and security of their own homes. Cancer has a strong desire to nurture and protect, so cooking and other activities around the home seem to be popular habits for them.

Those born under the sign of Cancer would likely spend many hours researching different recipes and then trying most of them out. They will be even more inspired to do so when they have to cook for others.

Cancerians are also usually the types that would create YouTube channels to show off their cooking skills. Another popular hobby that this sign might enjoy would be gardening, especially growing their own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Personality Traits, Characteristics, And Quirks Of A Cancer

Deeply sentimental and intuitive, Cancer is perhaps the most challenging of the zodiac signs when it comes to getting to know them or even understanding them.

They are extremely sensitive and emotional and have intense care about family matters and their homes. Cancer is also sympathetic and very attached to the people they choose to keep close.

Individuals that are born with the sun in Cancer are extremely loyal and have a deep empathy when it comes to other people’s suffering or pain.

The Cancer sign falls under the water element, similar to Pisces and Scorpio. Guided by their heart and emotions, they sometimes find it a difficult task to fit in.

Ruled by the moon, the lunar cycle phases seem to increase their internal mystery and also create momentary emotional patterns or phases that are often out of their control. As children, these signs often do not possess enough defensive and coping mechanisms to deal with the outside world.

This is why this sign should always be approached or handled with understanding and care since this is usually what they will gladly give back in return.

Choosing A Hobby For A Cancer Based On These Traits

Cancerians tend to have a very strong affinity towards their homes and all the people residing with them. This is probably why their hobbies tend to relate to mostly indoor activities. Some Cancerians also tend to go into charity and social work.

Some of the popular hobbies that a Cancer might pursue based on their traits include cooking, gardening, and collecting stamps, coins, and antique items.

Since they have such extraordinary and unique personalities, there are a few hobbies that they absolutely adore or others that they would prefer to shy away from.

The Best Hobbies For A Cancer

hobbies for a Cancer novel writing
Cancers are excellent writers or storytellers with their creative and brilliant imaginations.

1. Writing A Novel

Cancers are usually very creative individuals. Due to the overactive imagination of this sign, they can turn into excellent storytellers or writers. This is typically more the case for fiction work.

Cancerians have a strong ability to create entire universes inside their brilliant minds, and due to their sensitivity, these individuals can also create amazing characters when writing a story that readers can easily connect with.

2. Ballroom Dancing

Cancers are also known as romantics. They are also usually obsessed with all things that involve emotions and feelings, and ballroom dancing is one of the best ways for this sign to truly express this.

Cancerians are known for “wearing their hearts on their sleeves,” and they are not afraid to receive “extra” in relation to any romantic aspect of their lives. Ballroom dancing is one of the most romantic hobbies out there, which is why it is a perfect hobby for those born under this sign.

3. Disney Karaoke

Just about everyone loves Disney, and just as many people also enjoy karaoke. When combining these two incredible things, this can turn into an entertaining and satisfying hobby.

It is very rare to come across people born under the sign of Cancer to not like Disney since this is one of the imaginative signs that are known for embracing their “inner child.”

Most Cancerians also enjoy singing, especially when it comes to those nostalgic classics. This is why Disney karaoke is a great hobby for most people born under the sign of Cancer to try.

4. Reading Fantasy Novels

Cancerians derive great enjoyment from reading fantasy novels. They enjoy escaping to imaginative worlds where they immerse themselves in romantic themes and big adventures.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to read well-loved fantasy novels. This provides the perfect opportunity to venture into a magical universe without having to leave the comfort and security of their couch.

Hobbies That A Cancer Should Avoid

1. Karate

Karate is one of those intense activities that will require a lot of focus, discipline, and patience.

While some of the Cancerians are highly disciplined in certain activities, these types of hobbies are typically artistic rather than physically-demanding activities like karate.

At the same time, if they had to start fighting other people, they would most likely end up in tears.

hobbies for a Cancer garage sale
Cancers seem to find sentiment in just about anything, making it hard for them to give up on a lot of items.

2. Hosting A Yard Or Garage Sale

Some people get so into hosting yard or garage sales that it turns into an obsession or even a full-time job. The issue with most Cancer signs is that they find it hard to give things up or even throw things away.

Cancers are known for being hoarders since they seem to find sentiment in just about anything. Some of the people born under this sign can’t even throw old dirty socks away due to their sensitivity.

It would be extremely difficult for most Cancers to get rid of their household items. The characteristic of this water sign is that they prefer to hold onto items even when they are no longer needed.

3. Playing Video Games

Even though Lana Del Rey is a Cancer and “Video Games” is one of this artist’s biggest hits, it does not mean that people born under this sign are interested in grabbing their PS4 controllers.

Even though there is always an exception to the rule, the majority of Cancerians actually do not enjoy participating in video games, and this is especially true when it comes to violent or gory games that involve having to kill other characters.

Cancers have a very delicate nature, and they find it very difficult to destroy anything, even when it is only happening in a video game.

Final Recommendations

Cancerians are recognized as the most sensitive and emotional zodiac sign. They embody the characteristics of the moon, which is a celestial body that rules this sign which also symbolizes empathy and feelings.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are constantly providing for others and caring for others’ needs and emotions. But at the same time, a Cancer requires consistent validation of feeling secure and loved.

These highly sensitive individuals have emotions and moods that wane and wax just like the moon. When the moon waxes, this is when it is shining at its brightest, and this is also when a Cancer can become the life of the party.

However, just like the moon also wanes where all that is left is a very faint silvery shimmer, Cancerians will also retreat into their shells, especially when they are confronted with emotional situations and environments that they find unfamiliar.

Due to these traits and characteristics, most Cancerians are typically homebodies, and this is why their hobbies seem to relate to anything that involves their homes.

The most popular hobbies for this sign often include baking, cooking, tending their gardens, and even interior decoration. Some Cancerians also enjoy visiting museums, traveling, reading, and collecting coins, postcards, and antiques.

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