The Best Hobbies For An Aquarius (Smart, Curious, and Ambitious!)

Aquarians are known to be intelligent, ambitious, and curious. So keep reading for a list of the best hobbies that an Aquarius would certainly enjoy.

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Aquarians are passionate, dedicated, and smart people that always seek to do things the right way. This is also a zodiac sign that is prone to be ambitious while drawing others to their mysterious and intriguing personas.

Personality Traits, Characteristics, And Quirks Of Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius are well-known for being intelligent and curious. They also enjoy learning anything new that is going on in the world and then sharing the knowledge they have learned with others.

Anyone who is interested in getting to know an Aquarian should first ask them what hobbies they are interested in.

Aquarians are ambitious and enigmatic. And when talking about these signs, it is also important to note they are both fascinating and constructive.

How To Choose A Hobby Based On These Traits

People under the sign of Aquarius are often recognized when it comes to their popularity and friendliness. They enjoy surrounding themselves with the type of company that provides stimulating discussions on various issues.

Aquarians tend to brighten the atmosphere and mood wherever they might go since they typically have a great sense of humor. This sign is always recognized as “the humanitarians.”

This means they are highly attracted to activities and pursuits that are going to benefit others. Their life goals are always focused on improving the world that we live in.

The Best Hobbies For Aquarius

Aquarians, similar to any other sign, are also linked to negative and positive traits. They are highly opinionated yet have unique personalities, which often means they are extremely careful when it comes to choosing how they prefer to spend most of their time.

Below is a list of some of the best hobbies for those born under Aquarius.

hobbies for Aquarius volunteering
Volunteering will enable Aquarians to give back to their community.

1. Volunteering

Aquarians are very selfless individuals. They love giving back when it comes to their community and different charities since this zodiac sign is incredibly unselfish.

This means they are usually enthusiastic to volunteer when it comes to places in need, such as animal shelters or soup kitchens, with the goal of improving the world around them. It is the most enjoyable and rewarding pastime for individuals of every zodiac sign.

2. Painting

Since they have an eccentric and unique nature, Aquarians tend to be drawn naturally to everything creative. They love using different colorful mediums when it comes to expressing themselves, which includes art forms such as painting or sketching.

There are many Aquarians that are established and talented artists and painters, and when they really focus on it, most are capable of becoming close to Pablo Picasso.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius also tend to think far beyond most boxes, which means they are very skilled when it comes to creating truly unique pieces of artwork that they and others can marvel at or appreciate.

3. Debating

Aquarians are known for being extremely outspoken, enthusiastic, and confident when it comes to political topics, especially the ones they are concerned about.

When answering questions pertaining to justice, they are very certain when it comes to their convictions, which usually means there is usually nothing that can convince them otherwise.

4. Collecting Old Things

Aquarius is the sign that is also associated with collecting things. They are usually highly skilled when it comes to collecting items such as coins, stamps, trinkets, and sea glass, and they will often spend countless hours researching and searching for fantastic items to add to their collections.

They are great at this hobby since they are experts in discovering intrigue and beauty in just about anything that is old, which could even include an old rusted soda can.

5. Home Décor

Decorating offers the perfect opportunity for people to express themselves while improving the way their office or home looks. When it comes to those born under Aquarius.

They love displaying how unique they are by finding unusual paintings and furniture and maybe painting their walls quirky colors. They have the gift of conveying important messages without having to say anything due to their distinctive approaches.

Hobbies That Aquarius Should Avoid

1. Horseback Riding

Even though Aquarians generally have a passion for animals and their well-being, they may feel strongly that riding on the back of an animal such as a horse is not fair to the animal.

PETA, one of the animal organizations, believes that riding on horses is not a fair activity since the animals don’t provide consent to this type of activity.

This is one of those touchy subjects since many people are in agreement that provided that the horse is always treated with respect and kindness, it should be a harmless activity.

This is usually up to individuals to make a decision on this, yet many Aquarians that feel strongly about animal freedom will most probably not feel comfortable when it comes to riding a horse.

2. Taxidermy

This is probably the very last thing that any Aquarian would enjoy doing in their free time since most cannot deal with the notion of any activity that involves cruelty to animals.

At the same time, the technique and art associated with this practice would most likely creep an Aquarian out. The majority of this hobby involves having to stuff dead animals, and this in itself is more than enough to freak any Aquarian out.

hobbies for Aquarius boxing
Activities that are somewhat violent in nature, such as boxing, are not interesting to those of the Aquarius sign.

3. Boxing

Boxing is one of those sports that is somewhat violent when it comes to its nature. It also usually involves a lot of tears, sweat, and blood, which is something that the majority of Aquarians are not interested in at all.

Individuals that like to box tend to be a lot more physical when it comes to their nature, whereas an Aquarian is a lot more suited to the activities that will never involve having to use their fists.

This is rather one of the water signs that are far more focused on idealism and peace. Due to these traits, it is very likely that you won’t find Aquarians near any boxing ring.

4. Shopping

Retail therapy is something that is very real, and there are many people that truly enjoy shopping for many hours for the most trendy and cute-looking outfits and accessories.

While there are always exceptions when it comes to this rule, many Aquarians will not derive much enjoyment when it comes to shopping since this sign is not materialistic.

Aquarians tend to surround themselves with things that aren’t man-made, which means they would much rather prefer spending time outdoors in nature rather than inside shopping malls.

If they do decide to go on shopping sprees, you will probably find this star sign frequenting stores such as charity or bohemian thrift shops where the clothing has been recycled. In this way, they get to choose items that are still cute and trendy but also environmentally friendly.


Aquarius is regarded as the zodiac’s most intriguing and distinctive thinker. Those born under this sign love theorizing, writing, and reading.

Aquarians also generally have the skill to have meaningful discourse when it comes to any subject. People that are not as unorthodox and intelligent as they might be can tend to irritate them.

Aquarians are another popular zodiac sign that has an extensive range of activities and interests. Knowing about the latest technology and reading seem to be two of the top favorite activities for this sign.

Solving puzzles, playing games on a computer, and creating new things, along with immersing themselves in many outdoor activities, are just a few of the examples of the hobbies that this sign tends to enjoy.

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