21 Top Fun Hobbies For 20-Year-Olds 

The need for mental and physical stimulation seems endless in your 20s. So, to fill your time and add some fun to your list, here are the top 21 fun hobbies for 20-year-olds.

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When it comes to fun hobbies for 20-year-olds, there is no shortage of ones to choose from.

Let’s discuss what the top fun hobbies for this age group are, as well as the characteristics to look for when choosing a hobby.

Afterward, feel free to pick any of the hobbies to take up. 

Characteristics Of Hobbies For 20-Year-Olds 

Twenty-year-olds who are looking for fun hobbies typically look for hobbies that have certain characteristics.

One of these characteristics is mental stimulation. Other characteristics include being physical, offbeat, and tech-based or having some sort of digital element involved. 

Top Fun Hobbies For 20-Year-Olds

Now, let’s get into the most fun hobbies for 20-year-olds. The top ones include the following: 

1. Photography 

Those in their 20s will love photography because it allows them to capture memories, moments, and places that they love, all while improving their photography skills as time goes by. One of the best things about taking up photography as a hobby is it’s inexpensive to get started, and a low-quality camera can do the trick in the beginning. 

2. Blogging

Blogging is perfect for 20-year-olds because it can be mentally stimulating, as well as encourage them to be creative. Bloggers need to use their thinking skills in order to create content on the main topic/niche that their blog covers, but this is actually a lot of fun and it can create many monetization opportunities. 

3. Podcasts

Creating a podcast involves hosting a show online, and one of the best things about having a podcast is it can revolve around a specific topic or it can cover many topics.

It’s perfect for 20-year-olds who enjoy talking and telling stories, as well as for 20-year-olds who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, but still want to take up a productive and fun hobby.

4. Coding

Those who love tech or interested in creating stuff online can take up coding, which requires a computer and internet access. Coding is popular among 20-year-olds because it consists of learning a specific programming language or several languages, and there are plenty of ways to monetize coding skills, as well as actually turning the hobby into a career. 

5. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be done in many places, and it’s one of the most exciting hobbies for 20-year-olds. Taking up scuba diving means exploring underwater, having the chance to spot wildlife, and visiting locations that the person has never visited before. 

6. Play An Instrument

Learning how to play any instrument requires focus, creativity, and discipline, which is why it’s the perfect hobby for 20-year-olds who enjoy mentally challenging themselves.

Plus, it’s a fun hobby because a person can switch things up regularly by choosing a different instrument to learn after they have learned to play the instrument they initially chose. 

fun hobbies for 20-year-olds exercising
Your 20s is the ideal age when it comes to exercising and aiming to be in your best shape.

7. Exercising

Exercising is one of those hobbies that lets people physically exert themselves, but also achieve visible results, which is why 20-year-olds should take it up as a hobby. It is also a hobby that can be done virtually anywhere, and it doesn’t cost any money to get started if the person decides to use only their body weight for their workout sessions. 

8. Cooking

Lots of 20-year-olds enjoy having a social life, but not all of them like to go clubbing or public gathers, which is why cooking/grilling is a great hobby to take up. People can use hobbies to be as creative as they want when it comes to cooking and they can do it by themselves, with their partners, or cook for their friends as part of a gathering or party. 

9. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making provides young adults with the chance to be creative because many pieces of jewelry can be created by the person. Those who take up jewelry making as a hobby can create beaded pieces, metal-stamped pieces, and many other kinds of pieces. 

10. Hiking

Hiking is a form of exercising and it can be done alone, with a partner, or as part of a group. Hiking is a great hobby to take up because it allows the person to enjoy nature, gain peace of mind and have the chance to de-stress, as well as giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. 

11. Paintballing

This is a great hobby for both females and males because it involves a lot of running around and ongoing action, which means having non-stop fun in the process.

Other things that make paintballing fun are the different types of paintball guns to choose from, the variations of the game, and the bonding experience that it can create among team members. 

12. Knitting

Knitting is a fun hobby because a person can actually create various things, and it’s therapeutic. Some people compare kitting to mediation because of how relaxing it can be. 

13. Gardening

Gardening is a very affordable and rewarding hobby that also teaches valuable skills to those who learn it. A person can do a lot of different things with gardening, such as grow plants, flowers, food, herbs, and more. 

14. YouTube

Those who are 20 can become a YouTuber, but don’t worry because the aim of the game doesn’t have to be fame and money. In fact, creating YouTube videos is fun because it forces creators to think outside the box, allows them to vent out, choose topics from many niches, and the list goes on and on. 

fun hobbies for 20-year-olds collect coins
You’re in for a surprise when it comes to the variety and uniqueness of coins when you start collecting them.

15. Collect Coins

A 20-year-old can collect coins as a hobby, and the best part is the coins don’t have to be considered vintage or anything like that. Simply choose what types of coins to collect and then focus on getting them over a period of time. 

16. Basketball 

For those 20-year-olds who love sports, they can give basketball a try. Basketball provides plenty of physical activity, while at the same time involving an array of coordination skills, which is why it should be taken up as a hobby. 

17. Painting 

Painting is a fun hobby because it allows a person to let their imagination run wild, as well as the chance to improve their artwork as time goes by. Not only that, but there are many different painting styles to try, such as abstract, traditional, and modernism to name just a few.

18. Rock Climbing

Those who want to really challenge themselves can take up rock climbing as a hobby. If they don’t like the idea of rock climbing in the wilderness, then they can find a gym or facility that has rock climbing walls, which can equally be just as exciting to do and they provide the person with a sense of adventure. 

19. Learn Astrology 

Reading horoscopes can be fun, but learning astrology is even more fun and it is a great hobby to do. Taking this up as a hobby will eventually lead to being able to read star charts. 

20. Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is a hobby 20-year-olds should take up because it means learning skills that could one day save their life. Martial arts will also teach a person about discipline and respect.

21. Fishing 

Fishing is a fun hobby because it’s one of those activities that can be done in various places. A person can fish on a boat, kayak on the edge of a river, and the list goes on and on.

Those are the top most fun hobbies for 20-year-olds. Each of those hobbies is unique in its own way, but they are all equally fun. All one has to do now is decide which hobby they should try.

None of these sound good? Check out our list of hobbies for teenagers. Many of these will work for people in their 20’s as well.

Feel free to take up several or all of them, as this will help with determining which one is the most fun of all.

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