Cold And Chill – The 8 Best Winter Hobbies To Warm Your Heart

During winter, there are still outdoor and indoor activities you can enjoy. And here are some of the best winter hobbies that will keep you warm.

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When those winter days do arrive, it might be the easiest thing to simply curl up or snuggle down underneath that duvet – but even the comforts of those heavy feathers can become boring after a while.

So, could you find a hobby that would keep you out of the cold – but still warm up those happiness synapses and keep the “happiness chemical” dopamine flowing? That needs exercise during the winter months.

What Types of Hobbies is Best for Winter?

Oftentimes, we use winter as an excuse to stay in when in reality, there are tons of hobbies that are both active and beautiful in the great outdoors.

On the same note, there are some great indoor hobbies. Whether you are in the mood for solitary enjoyment or socialization, winter has it all.

Recommended Hobbies for Winter

How do you make sure that you have a smile on your face when the temperature plummets?

Here are some great ideas.

1. Cooking Up a Storm

Cooking is a process – and that is what makes it such a wonderful hobby for the colder months. It is not the end result that matters – although a wonderful meal makes every gathering of friends and family such a pleasure.

It is simply the pleasure of the process that makes cooking such a wonderful experience during those cold winter days. First, there is the sourcing of the ingredients.

There are few greater explorations that reward more than a simple trundle down a supermarket aisle or a visit to a farmer’s market with an idea sparkling.

Then, of course, there is the act of cooking, with all its herbs and spices. Finally, the serving. The reward for that effort is a simple smile.

2. Write

Sometimes we feel isolated when the cold nights settle in. But one way to throw off those ideas that may plague us as the nights grow longer is to simply put those thoughts down on paper – or take them to the keyboard.

Paper has its attractions. It requires thought – and there is no delete key. But it also means that there are fewer ways to share thoughts.

Online is great. But, then again, when was the last time you received an envelope? And if you did, would you not pay extra special attention to the letter that was enclosed.

best winter hobbies high tech
You can keep your body and mind agile with video games and VR as you stay at home.

3. Go High Tech

Technology has provided us with many benefits. Of course, it is possible to spend your days in front of the TV with snacks (and this is a valid option), but there might be a better way to spend those long winter nights or cold days.

It does not matter your age. Video games are out there that will not only keep your mind agile and provide some fun but – with the aid of technology – also give you some much-needed exercise when the weather is inclement.

With the advent of technology such as virtual reality headsets, you could also get some much-needed exercise without even leaving the house.

4. Bake Your Brains Out

During the high days of Covid, there was a movement toward home baking, especially bread, that saw people not only in the United States but across the world turn to baking as a source of comfort.

Now that these restrictions are being lifted, it seems that baking bread is still one of the most wonderful hobbies that is available. It is much more interesting than those on the outside looking in might think.

The art of making bread is one that is ancient – but today, folk who want to knead the dough and place it in an oven will enjoy art that is ancient – but with a modern twist. There are bread that can be baked according to several methods and flavored in many different ways.

5. Put Yourself Out There

This is not a hobby for introverts. The idea of being an Internet influencer is one that has taken the world by storm. In the winter months, why not become not only an influencer but make someone near and dear, no matter how far away, part of your life.

So, how do you do that? The solution is actually pretty simple. Invest in one of those small ring-type lights and a good mic, and you can immediately become a star on feeds such as YouTube.

It’s fun, does not take that much investment, and might make you a star. Write your own script and share. Sharing is wonderful – and who knows how far that video will go? Use other social media channels to promote your video. The days of “look at me” are here to stay.

6. Get Clever

Winter can be cold and dim – but that does not mean you must be dim and dark yourself. Making a hobby of learning a new language or skill is today more than ever an option.

And it can be fun as well. If you have access to the Internet, you can access a whole wide world of content. You can learn just about anything.

One of the best skills that you could learn is another language. It is also a fabulous way to meet new people with similar interests. And one of the most wonderful things about learning something new is the fact that it is global. And that opens up new avenues for exploration.

best winter hobbies outside
Winter might be the right time for you to go and explore.

7. Get Out. Outside, that is

This may sound counterintuitive, but winter might be the most wonderful time in the world to explore. Those contacts that you made during your lessons in another language may give you insights into other cultures or global locations.

Make exploration your hobby. The Internet makes the world your oyster. You can explore at will. The results will be fascinating – and may lead you to throw off that winter clothing and board a flight for parts unknown.

Making a hobby of virtually exploring is today more rewarding than ever before – thanks to the promise of virtual reality. You could be there – simply by donning one of those many headsets and controllers that are today on the market.

8. Time Can Pay

It may seem like the entire world (as far as finance is concerned) is falling apart. But during those dark days of winter, you may get a glimmer of sunshine by taking some of your savings and investing.

Once again, the Internet can be your friend. Do not fall prey to those Internet folk who say you should be playing the stock market – they will provide “free” services, but you will pay.

Get hold of trusted financial services providers and ask the right questions. Do not stake your entire savings on the market, but it can be fun to play with penny stocks.

Once you become more advanced, you can move onward and upward – but remember that dark winter days should not mean dark days ahead due to splurging on stocks or futures.

Hobbies to Avoid

The winter months can be lonely and dark. They provide ample opportunity for indoor amusement – but some hobbies should be avoided without others.

Building that perfect model airplane can be a labor of love.

However, it should always be taken into account that no matter what the hobby, and no matter how short the days become or the nights long – or for that matter no low the temperature gets there is one thing that will make each and every day of winter more tolerable – and that is people.

Lone explorations such as puzzles are fine – but only the result can be shared.


The dark days of winter are not without their benefits. Think carefully and find that subject or interest that will make your heart sing.

The cold nights and brighter days will flow past – and before you know it, spring will arrive.

During these winter months, you may just have picked up a hobby that will last you through every month of the coming year.

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