7 Best Social Hobbies To Restart Your Social Life And Make New Friends

Your hobby can also kick-start your social life. So keep reading for a list of some of the best social hobbies to restart your social life and make new friends.

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Being social is part of what makes us human.

However, for many months (in some cases years), our social lives may have suffered due to the lockdown restrictions that were part and parcel of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, introverts may have been happier than some about that situation – and there was always the Internet to help us stay in touch with friends and family. But even so – there are few substitutes for real human interaction.

For those who want to get back into the social scene, hobbies can be a tremendous way to meet people with similar interests.

Here are some great hobby options for those who want to kick-start their social life.

What Types of Hobbies Are Best for Socializing?

The best hobbies that involve meeting new people are those where the pressure is not on to focus exclusively on the hobby activity itself.

Think of that hobby as a scaffolding that will allow you to interact with others in a social setting. It will give you something to talk about, and that makes breaking the ice just that little bit easier.

Ideally, the hobby is the backdrop – finding a hobby where there is ample time to simply sit and relax is the perfect way to socialize without the pressure of having to come up with new conversational topics when first meeting people.

You already have something to talk about. Enjoy a snack or a drink (or both) and get to know some people. After being confined for so long, most people are more than happy to make new friends.

Recommended Hobbies for Socializing

1. Book Clubs

They may be among the most traditional ways to meet other people and engage in conversation, but there is a great reason for that.

Not only do book clubs allow you to meet those who love literature, but they also can make it much easier to meet people who share the same taste in books.

And not only that, but you get to enjoy some fabulous book choices and share what you like about them with others. But it’s not only about the books.

Most of the time, there is ample opportunity to enjoy snacks – and even an adult beverage or two. This gives you the opportunity to mingle one-on-one and simply converse.

best social hobbies volunteer work
A great way to meet new people and contribute to a cause that you care about is through volunteer work.

2. Volunteer Work

Engaging in volunteer work is a great way to meet new people and give back to the community or contribute to a cause that is close to your heart.

The local animal shelter is almost always looking for volunteers – and if you love our furry friends, you will be bound to meet others who share that interest.

Schools are usually looking for people to help out at sporting events – or simply to lend a hand with a huge number of projects. Another option is to join others in helping to clean up the local environment or volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Finding out more can be as simple as becoming a member of your local social media groups – or taking a look at community boards that can be found at malls and public spaces.

3. General Knowledge Evenings

There are numerous venues that host trivia nights on a regular basis. Your neighborhood watering hole is almost certain to have a quiz evening of some type each week.

The great thing about these evenings is you can choose what sort of trivia experience you want to enjoy. There are sports quizzes, general knowledge quizzes, and even those focused on art, history, or culture.

Players usually team up with friends – but more often than not, there are the odd teams that would welcome an extra team member.

The fact that the evenings usually are at a venue where snacks and drinks are served also helps to oil the wheels of conversation and social interaction.

4. Bowling Nights

Most bowling lanes usually have a league – and this provides a fabulous way to have some fun and enjoy some light-hearted competition.

Even if you are not stepping up to a lane, there’s ample opportunity to simply sit, relax and engage in some quality people-watching.

There’s always something to talk about, including team performance or even a discussion of the greats that have made the sport so popular. It’s a fabulous way to make new friends.

5. Gaming Gatherings

There are plenty of meetups for those who want to enjoy board or even strategy games. Specialized hobby stores often host these sorts of get-togethers.

Whether you have an interest in classics such as Risk, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, or Monopoly, or want to dip your toes into the waters of strategy war games such as the incredibly popular Warhammer 40,000, there will be a game that you will enjoy.

However, remember, you can always organize a gaming evening yourself (or check out social media for opportunities to enjoy some quality time with like-minded people.

If you are going to play host, then ask everyone to bring an appetizer and some drinks and enjoy some stress-free time together.

best social hobbies get physical
Yoga classes will allow you to socialize as you get fit.

6. Get Physical (or Simply Relax)

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people – and get fit at the same time. Yoga classes and spinning are only two examples.

Fitness classes are also great for introverts. You are free to mingle or simply pay attention to the class itself.

There’s always time for a chat before and after class, and if you find someone who interests you, it’s the perfect time to set up a meeting outside of the confines of the class.

Another option is a meditation class. This allows you to destress, relax and center yourself. And meet others who are in search of that elusive balance that provides us with a great quality of life.

7. Cooking Classes

If there is one hobby that took the world by storm during those dark days of COVID isolation. It seems that everyone on social media was talking about baking bread and honing their skills when it came to regional cuisine or focusing on delicious and healthy meals.

But there is no reason not to further home those cooking skills. And there are thousands of people who want to do so (otherwise, what explains the runaway success of those cooking shows?).

Not only will you be having fun and meeting like-minded aspirant home chefs – but you’ll also come away with some exceptional new skills. And perhaps a new circle of friends.

Hobbies to Avoid for Those in Search of a Social Scene

We’ve all become so used to the wonders of the Internet and living life in the virtual world that we tend to forget that there is no substitute for human interaction.

There are hundreds of solitary hobbies that may provide you with a sense of fulfillment – but they are not going to scratch that social itch.

Meeting new people online can be fun. Otherwise, people would not be playing games using social apps in ever-increasing numbers.

However, it can be easy to slip into anti-social behavior patterns if you do not make an effort to get out there. Even introverts can find hobbies that will allow them to simply enjoy themselves in the company of others.


These are hobbies that are simply fun. There is no pressure to perform or be gregarious. You can simply dip your toe in and out of the activities. Both before the activities begin, you can observe or reach out.

Remember, those around you are, in a sense, pre-qualified to want to socialize with you – you all share at least one interest.

Get out there. With a little bit of effort, you will find a niche that allows you to enjoy a fabulous quality of life, meet new people – and simply enjoy yourself.

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