10 Best Hobbies for Singles for Alone Time or Meeting New People

Some activities are just greatly enjoyed when done alone. So read further for the ten best hobbies for singles for alone time or meeting new people.

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Being single is not so bad! Without an intimate relationship that requires your time and focus, you can now spend some time broadening your horizons.

Through exploring your interests, perhaps you will even meet someone with whom you share a special connection.

But before you rush into a new relationship, here are the best hobbies for singles. These are great for doing alone but can also provide many social opportunities for making new friends and relationships.

What Types of Hobbies Are Best for Singles?

Hobbies are limitless for singles. In order to find the best hobby for singles, it is important to identify the goal.

Is it to make new connections and friends? Is it to relax? Or maybe, to gain a new skill?

Based on the answer to these questions, you can more fully understand which hobby is best for you.

Recommended Hobbies for Singles

Learn an Instrument

If you already know how to play one instrument, picking up another might be easier than you think. If you aren’t musically inclined, learning the skills of musical appreciation can allow you to appreciate your world in new and fascinating ways.

Learning an instrument is a challenge; make no mistake about that. This is a great time to set goals, learn something potentially difficult at your own pace, and master the language of music.

The best thing, you don’t even need to leave your home. There are plenty of online resources that can aid in your hobby — but if you would like to make your study a little more social, you can always sign up for music classes.


Writing is a great way to get to know yourself in a deep and personal way. Writing allows you to reflect and express your ideas, beliefs, and imagination.

It’s also a good hobby to work on a single because it allows you a world free of judgment to think and develop without external influence.

On the other hand, you can join a writing club or creative writing class. This allows you to gain some outside perspective on your thoughts.

Who knows, with a little dedication and practice, you could be the writer of America’s next great novel.

best hobbies for singles photography
Capture the world through your camera lens with photography.


Photography allows you to begin interfacing and observe your world from a whole new perspective. Through the shutter and lens of your camera, you will capture emotions, concepts, stories, and moments that would otherwise be lost in time.

The best thing about photography is that you won’t need a hefty investment of equipment or even any planning or organization to get started — just grab your phone, point, and shoot.

Then set some time to study what you have created and watch with wonder as you begin to develop a personality in your pictures.

Once you have developed your sense of style and the perspective you would like to give the world, join a community of photographers and gain some credit. Who knows, you may even be able to capitalize on your newfound passion.

Travel Alone

Do you love to travel? Then traveling alone could be the very thing for you. Traveling alone allows you to experience the sights, sounds, flavors, and cultures of new places at your own pace.

The people you meet and the experiences you enjoy will be far more immersive than when supported by other travelers.

Remember, half the fun of a good journey is the planning and preparation involved.

Take the time to research the places you will visit and round off the experience by keeping a full journal and scrapbook with the memories you make and the good times you have. Best of all, you will open yourself to meeting new people and making new relations.

Consider volunteering, taking a cooking class, or learning a language in the places you will visit.


Whether you are particularly artistic or not, learning an art form is an exercise for the mind and a journey of self-discovery. There are also innumerable options for exploring your artistic side.

Take up calligraphy, pottery, painting, finger painting, or even something more advanced as figure drawing or graphic arts.

Classes abound for every type of artistic pursuit in existence. But you can also explore your artistic side in the comfort of your own home or with the support of online resources.

Cook or Bake

Being single means many meals alone, but this can also be a good thing as you refine your tastes and explore new specialties. Take the time to research exciting new recipes and even visit restaurants that serve these dishes made by professionals.

Then begin emulating the dishes you love in your own home. This is a hobby where the only limits are your imagination and capacity as a cook.

Best of all, when you are no longer single, you will have a very special skill that everyone can appreciate.

Take Up a Personal Sport

Explore new ways to exercise and improve your physical performance all on your own. This could be swimming, kayaking, SUP boarding, jogging, hiking, backpacking, or any of the other healthy activities that can be learned on your own.

None of these require the engagement of other people, so you will have plenty of time to focus on your performance.

Furthermore, you can enroll in a dance class, yoga studio, or martial art dojo to pick up a personal skill with unlimited benefits to the body, mind, and spirit.

best hobbies for singles puzzles
If you have an eye for details and enjoy challenging the mind, then puzzles might be the right hobby for you.


If you are patient, have an eye for details, and love an activity that puts no pressure on you other than your regular practice, a puzzle is a fun and fascinating way to while away the hours and create something beautiful and even decorative.

In addition to jigsaw puzzles, there are many other ways to challenge the mind and improve mental neuroplasticity. Try crosswords, sudoku, or even a Rubik’s cube.

Get Handy

Being alone is a great opportunity to save time and money by learning to be self-sufficient. Home maintenance is a major expense for homeowners, and the capacity for DIY repairs will save you big in the long run.

Plus, it’s really fun to collect your tools, don your coveralls, and perfect the plumbing, electricity, mechanics, or carpentry in your home.


There are many ways that you can give back to the community with your time and effort. There are plenty of community projects that need able-bodied people just like you to step in and lend a hand.

If you love animals, you could volunteer at an animal shelter. There are also mentoring programs, environmental projects, and much more.

Check with your local community center to see what volunteer projects are in need of your specific skill set. This could be a good way to meet up with like-minded people, but it is also a good way to increase your satisfaction and connection to the community.

Hobbies That Are Not Good for Singles

There are no “bad” hobbies for singles, so long as they align with your personal goals.

But if you are looking for something that can be done on your own without the necessary engagement of other people, some hobbies would be less suitable for these goals.

Here are a couple of hobbies that are better for couples and not good for singles.

Extreme Sports

This is mainly for safety reasons. As the name implies, extreme sports are all about pushing the limits of human capacity.

This can be especially dangerous if you have never practiced an extreme sport on your own. If you will be engaging in dangerous activities, it is always best to have someone else around in case of danger.

Team Sports

They are fun and can certainly build your connections with your team, boost leadership skills, and get plenty of healthy exercise.

But if you are looking for a hobby that will allow you to move at your own pace, team sports are too demanding. It is important to be aware of the dynamics of the team and your place within them.

Final Notes on the Best Hobbies for Singles

Being single is a great time to reevaluate your life’s directions and your passions secluded from the directions other people are heading.

Nevertheless, choosing a hobby that allows you to reinvent yourself can provide you with new and exciting ways to reintroduce yourself to the social scene once you are ready.

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