How to Write a Small Paragraph About Your Hobbies

By sharing more about your hobbies, you can stand out from your competition. Here, you can learn some useful strategies on how to write a small paragraph about your hobbies.

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When you are applying for college admissions or for a job position, you want to make your application stand out from the rest so the person reviewing applications will take notice of yours.

Application reviewers see enough skills and experiences that applicants spotlight on their applications. So sometimes, they ask for other kinds of information about you that will tell them a little about who you are.

For example, they might ask about your hobbies. If you are faced with a question like that, here are strategies on how to write a small paragraph about your hobbies to make it work in your favor.

write a small paragraph about your hobbies college admissions
Through your hobbies, you can get recognized as a well-rounded student.

Telling a College Admissions Office About Your Hobbies

Most colleges encourage students to have hobbies. They consider hobbies to be just as important as academics because a hobby can help you relax and help you avoid burning out by your studies. Here are other reasons why they think hobbies are important:

Hobbies help you develop diverse skills

They believe engaging in a hobby that is totally different from your major can actually help you develop hidden talents.

So, when you talk about your hobbies, you can show them what other skills and characteristics you have. You can let them see that you are a well-rounded student.

Hobbies clear your mind of worries

When you focus on something you like to do, you temporarily push out worries about exams, class projects, etc. Worries can weigh you down and set you back. When you can clear your mind, you come back with better ability to tackle your challenges. 

Hobbies help you socialize and contribute outside of academics

They help in enhancing your college experience. Your hobbies will give the college admissions office an idea of how you will get involved with campus life apart from going to classes.

Hobbies improve your creativity

When you enjoy the hobby you are doing, your mind becomes more creative and open to new ideas. You get inspiration in other areas of your life as well, which leads to better results for you as a student.

So colleges want their students to succeed. When you write a paragraph about your hobbies, show them how your hobbies can potentially connect with some of the activities that you can get involved with on campus.

Show them that your student life will be balanced. You give them confidence that even though academics may be tough and you will face many challenges as a new student, you have ways to cope and to get a rewarding experience at the institution.

write a small paragraph about your hobbies job recruiter
Hobbies are significant in order to achieve work-life balance.

Telling a Job Recruiter About Your Hobbies

Why would a job recruiter be interested in your hobbies? The reasons are similar to the above.

They want their employees to have a good balance between their work lives and personal lives. They know that employees who are workaholics often burn out quickly, and that costs the company money.

They also want to find out if you will fit in with the culture of the company. Your hobbies can say a lot about your values and your personality. 

When you are writing a paragraph about your hobbies in your job application, talk about the hobbies and interests that spotlight your skills, passions, and strength. It will also be helpful if you do some research on the company to see if some of your hobbies fit into their company culture.

For example, if the company holds food drives and has community service days for their employees, and volunteering is one of the things you do regularly, write about it.

Be sure to be honest and genuine when you talk about your hobbies. Don’t make up a hobby if you actually did not engage in it because sooner or later, that tall tale can unravel.

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Here are some other suggestions on how to write your paragraph:

  • Show how your hobby connects to the company – For instance, if the company manufactures cookware, you can talk about your passion for cooking if that is truly something you love to do.
  • Talk about a hobby that can highlight a quality you have that the job is looking for in a candidate – For example, if you are applying for a job as a data analyst, hobbies like chess and math games can show how you can think logically and problem solve.
  • Describe how your hobby enhances your life – It is not enough to just state what your interests are. Give a little background on how you came to like it. Explain how involved you are to show your passion. Employers want to see drive and commitment in their employees. 
  • Illustrate why you love the hobby – This will give the employer a view into who you are and what drives you.

Here are some tips on what to avoid:

  • Try not to talk about any hobbies that are controversial – Things like involvement with a religious group or a political association might not put you in the best light because you do not know the affiliation of your employer. When you are in the company and know your colleagues a little better, you can talk about that side of you. But during the application process, it is best to stay neutral around these topics.
  • Try not to talk negatively about anything – Maybe you had a bad experience when engaging with your hobby. There is no need to bring that up. Always keep things positive.
  • Make it funny if possible – Humor always makes a difference. Tell a story about a funny event when working on your hobby. Maybe funny circumstances brought you to your hobby. When you use humor, you can make an impression on the application reviewer, and he will remember you when selecting candidates for the final round.

Having an opportunity to write about your hobbies in a job or college application can help you stand out from your competition. Just remember to be genuine and make your story interesting. Let them see who you are, and let your real light shine forth.


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