Working Out As A Hobby? (A Detailed Guide)

Working out allows you to achieve your fitness and body goals. And here, we will guide you on getting started with working out as a hobby.

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Some people work out because they have to do it for their health and not because they enjoy it. However, for those who like to work out and look forward to it, this can actually be considered their hobby.

If you are wondering whether working out can be a hobby for you too, this guide can help you figure that out.

What Is Working Out?

Working out is a way of exercising specific groups of muscles with a particular goal in mind. Typically, you first decide what type of fitness goal you want to achieve.

Then, you find out what specific exercises will get you to that goal. Finally, you design a routine that incorporates those exercises. This becomes your workout.

Here are some examples:

  • You work out your abs because you want the “6-pack” look. 
  • You work out certain sets of muscles to gain upper body strength.
  • You work out your lower body for firmer buttocks or slimmer thighs.
  • You go running to work out your heart and improve your cardiovascular health.

You can work out at a gym where there is equipment for you to use, or you can work out at home using your own equipment.

Can Working Out Be A Hobby? 

Working out can definitely be a hobby. It can be an enjoyable form of recreation if you like to challenge your body to get stronger. Before you embark on that, you should learn to work out the correct way so you will not hurt yourself.

If you find yourself looking forward to the next time you work out, you have found yourself a new hobby!

working out as a hobby types of people
People who like to challenge their bodies usually enjoy working out.

What Types Of People Like Working Out?

People who like to work out are usually those who like a lot of physical activity. They like to work hard and break a sweat. They like to challenge their bodies to reach the next level. They like the way they feel after a good workout.

People who like to work out tend to place a lot of importance on health and fitness. People of any age can work out. There are unlimited routines, and more are added by fitness experts every day.

Benefits: Why Working Out Could Be A Good Hobby

Working out brings a myriad of health benefits. Here are some examples:

  • It can improve your fitness and get you in shape.
  • It can help you burn off excess calories and lose those extra pounds.
  • It can help you get stronger.
  • It can help you become more flexible.
  • It can help you build stamina.
  • It can improve your heart health and lower your blood pressure.
  • It can boost your mood by lowering stress hormones.

It also has other benefits:

  • It is a great way to socialize when you work out with other people.
  • It can help you feel better about yourself when you see the positive results.

Are There Drawbacks To Choosing Working Out As A Hobby?

Although working out has many benefits, it does have some drawbacks that you should keep in mind:

  • If your body is in an incorrect form when you work out, you can strain a muscle or injure other areas of your body.
  • Some people can get addicted to working out to the point that they overdo it. This places excessive stress on the body because it does not allow the body to rest. The results become counterproductive.

How To Start Working Out As A Hobby

It does not take much to start this new hobby. First, you need to be honest with yourself about why you are doing this. If you intend this to be a hobby, you should do it because you truly enjoy it and not because you feel guilty about not exercising.

When you’ve settled on that, you should get a check-up to make sure that your doctor approves the type of workout you plan to do. 

It is also a good idea to do some reading to learn more about how workouts affect your physiology. Then choose a few workout goals to start with and learn what routines will get you to those goals.

Here are some suggestions on equipment to get you started.

Equipment Needed

If you want to set up a home gym, you can start with these items:

  •  An Exercise Mat: You will have workout routines that you do on the floor.
  •  A Set of Dumbbells: In various weights and/or resistance bands in various resistance levels. These are needed for strength building.
  •  A Jump Rope: Great for a cardiovascular workout.
  •  A Workout Bench: Although not necessary, it does enable you to get more creative in your workout routines.
  •  A Pull-Up Bar: You can mount this in a doorway. It gives you a great workout for your upper body muscles.

If you have the room and the money, you can browse the many types of exercise machines on the market like a rowing machine, exercise bike, an all-in-one home fitness machine, an elliptical, and others. It really depends on what kind of workout you enjoy doing and what you can afford.

Another option is to sign up for a gym membership where you can work with a coach. If you use the gym every day, you won’t need to set up a home gym.

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

Your start-up costs depend on the type of equipment you want to purchase for your home gym. You can start with a few basic things for less than $100 total, or you can go all out and buy an exercise machine. 

If you choose to buy a gym membership, you will have a monthly fee.

working out as a hobby make money
You can monetize your workout videos on YouTube.

Can You Make Money From Working Out?

Yes, there are various ways in which you can make money from working out.

  •  Make your own workout videos on YouTube and monetize them.
  •  Write out workout plans and sell them online.
  •  Write a blog about workouts and connect with advertisers of fitness products to monetize it.
  •  Become a workout coach.
  •  Start a class or hold a workshop.

Check out our full guide to making money from working out here.

Similar Hobbies To Working Out

If you like the physical activity aspect of working out, you can engage in similar hobbies that require physical activity to keep you fit. This includes bike riding, hiking, swimming, or playing a sport. You can also sign up for a class in martial arts.

Alternative Hobbies To Working Out

You can explore other hobbies that relate to fitness and health. A few examples include diet and nutrition, yoga, and dance.

Where To Learn More

It is important to learn how to work out correctly, so you do not cause injury to your body. There are many instructional videos on YouTube that show you workout routines for different goals. Browse through them and find the ones that fit your physical ability.

You might find it helpful to work with a fitness coach, in the beginning, to make sure that your body is in the correct form when you are working out. As you gain more experience, you can work out independently.

Learning more about anatomy and physiology can help you understand which muscles are involved when you do certain movements. This can help you achieve a more effective workout.

It is important to remember that your body may need to get accustomed to new workout routines. Be sure to allow your body to adjust and not overdo it.

Your body also requires time to rest between workouts, so avoid doing consecutive days of intense workouts. Balance cardio workouts with strength training routines.

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