Looking For A Hobby – Watching Movies Could Be For You

Watching movies is not only a fantastic form of entertainment but also a great source of knowledge. Read on to see if watching movies as a hobby is for you.

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In an age when streaming services have become both easy to access and provide excellent value for money, watching movies as a hobby can be incredibly rewarding.

Combine this with the fact that Hollywood is now forced to compete with ever more sophisticated offerings from companies like Disney, Hulu, Amazon, and Apple, and it becomes apparent that those who choose to make watching movies the focus of their time now have incredible choice and opportunities to enjoy movies as a hobby. 

It also doesn’t hurt that many of the streaming services have purchased classic movie libraries that may have been lying dormant for years. This provides those who are interested in the products of the Silver Screen during the so-called “Golden Age” of cinema with even more choice.

What is Watching Movies Like as a Hobby?

Aside from providing the watcher with a wealth of knowledge, watching movies as a hobby has a variety of benefits. Movies are a reflection of society, taste, and morals, as well as being fantastic entertainment.

Watching movies from different eras can provide us with incredible insight into just how society has progressed across generations. 

Reaching back into the past and seeing how audiences reacted to the first movies that were released also shows us how technology has progressed in leaps and bounds.

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The first movies that were shown provoked panic among those who were watching who were not used to the realism of the screen; today, we are exposed to hyper-realistic images with incredible definition and surround sound.

Of course, one of the most wonderful things about taking up watching movies as a hobby is that it can be tremendously social. There are few greater pleasures than gathering with a group of friends or family and taking in a truly epic piece of cinema.

It is a hobby that provides a solid foundation for great social interaction.

watching movies hobby types of people
Watching movies can be an enjoyable hobby for almost anyone.

What Types of People Like Watching Movies as a Hobby?

Gauging what types of people would take up watching movies as a hobby is like asking, “how long is a piece of string?”

The sheer choice of genres available and the time periods when movies were produced, as well as the products that are associated with movie watching, means that it is a hobby that can appeal to just about anyone.

For instance, there are those who like science fiction movies (and that is an incredibly rich genre – Metropolis or Star Wars?) and those who like sprawling epics (The Ten Commandments or Gone with the Wind, anyone?).

Can Watching Movies be a Hobby?

The answer is a firm yes. The sheer richness of studio offerings makes it one of the most rewarding of hobbies – and the independent producers and streaming services have increased the choice available.

For many, the Golden Age of cinema was during the 1950s – others would argue that we are today living through that Golden Age.

There is also a multitude of ways to enjoy watching movies as a hobby. There are those who will choose to focus on the creative work of a single director or school of directors, while still others may focus on the careers of an actor and actress.

Some may cast their net wider and choose to focus on a single genre, while others may make collecting memorabilia the focus of their movie-watching hobby. That approach is one that can not only be fun but potentially lucrative as well.

The sheer choice that is available as far as memorabilia and collectibles are concerned can make this aspect of the hobby tremendously rewarding. 

The Benefits of Watching Movies as a Hobby

There is, of course, the social aspect of watching movies as a hobby. Gathering to take in an evening’s worth of movies is a fabulous way to spend time with those near and dear.

Even the process of selecting which movies to watch can be a social experience – and the avid movie watcher will soon find that they are able to offer advice that will ensure that the evening of movie watching provides entertainment that caters to the tastes of everyone in the group. 

Of course, watching movies as a hobby can also increase one’s general knowledge: it is the ideal hobby for those who have a curious nature.

There is a multitude of movies that are adaptions of famous novels that have shaped thought and influenced what we regard as wonderful literature. Adaptions of Shakespearian plays and biblical stories and adaptions of modern classics are only a few of the choices available.

Not only do movie preferences provide us with insight into society, but there are many movies that can also give us insight into the natural world – not every movie has to be a work of fiction. There are plenty of choices when it comes to sweeping sagas that focus on the natural world. 

Are There Drawbacks to Choosing Watching Movies as a Hobby?

Possibly the only drawback to choosing watching movies as a hobby is the fact that it can cause one to ignore the wonders of the real world. Focusing on the screen all the time can become an obsession.

However, this is easily remedied. Put aside some time just to be social away from that screen – and take some time off to get a breath of fresh air.

watching movies hobby how to start
The availability of video on demand makes watching movies easier and affordable.

How to Start Watching Movies as a Hobby

The great thing about watching movies as a hobby is that it’s easy just to get going. The availability of video on demand makes it easy to dip one’s toes into theaters of watching movies as a pastime.

The sheer choice that is available means that one can pick and choose before focusing on a particular type of movie genre, director, or actor. 

It also means that it is a hobby that offers incredible value for money. Starting off can cost very little. The costs of subscribing to video-on-demand channels are dropping all the time – and that means there is a wealth of material available to enjoy in the comfort of one’s own home.

Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy.

What Equipment Will You Need?

The wonderful thing about taking up watching movies as a hobby is the fact that you will probably not have to invest in any specialized equipment. One could always wait until new releases arrive in theaters – but watching at home is a very attractive option. 

For that, all you need is a television and your subscription to your favorite movie channel. Of course, once you become more demanding of your movie experience, you may want to invest in a better TV and a sound system that provides a theater-like experience.

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

Investing in a subscription movie channel or channels would represent the bulk of your start-up costs. As you become more discerning, you may want to increase the number of channel subscriptions that you have. However, ongoing costs thereafter are relatively low. 

Can You Make Money from Your Hobby?

One of the best ways to make money from watching movies as a hobby is to start investing in collectibles and memorabilia. Many items fetch astronomical amounts at auctions.

Items can range from props to movie posters and everything in between. In fact, there are also limited edition runs of many items that are produced today (thnk Marvel figurines) that will only increase in value as time goes on. 

Similar Hobbies to Watching Movies

It might be an option to start exploring the wonders of plays that are put on at theaters across the globe. This can offer an experience similar to that of watching movies as a hobby.

Where to Learn More

There are numerous websites that are devoted to watching movies as a hobby. Many of these sites contain information such as top ten lists by genre and by audience appeal.

They also contain vast amounts of information about actors and directors and new releases; these can be invaluable resource. Among the more popular are IMDb.com and RottenTomatoes.com.

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