Traveling As a Hobby? [A Detailed Guide]

If you’re the adventurous type that is excited to explore the unknown, then you should try traveling. Read on to learn more about traveling as a hobby.

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We live in a big world, full of many unknowns. Unfortunately, we only live one life, and with the benefits that traveling has to offer, it’s in everyone’s best interest to consider making it a hobby.

Whether it is exploring new destinations, tasting new foods, learning about new cultures, or getting out of your comfort zone, there are numerous reasons to travel, and even more so if you make it a hobby. 

This comprehensive read will cover traveling as a hobby, reasons to engage, and how to go about it. 

What is Traveling?

Traveling is simply defined as the act of moving from one place to another. In this regard, it’s going from one destination to the next. 

Can Traveling Be a Hobby?

Yes! A quick Google search will tell you that a hobby is any activity that’s done for enjoyment. As with any other individual endeavor, traveling can also be considered a hobby. 

What Types of People Like Traveling? 

With the numerous types of travel and reasons to travel, it’s no surprise there are multiple types of travelers. Here are the most common types of travel personalities:

1. Adventurous

Traveling usually involves venturing into the unknown, engaging in new experiences, and meeting new people. Most travelers naturally have an adventurous spirit. 

2. Empathetic

The diverse cultures and experiences are often a drive for empathetic people to become travelers. 

3. Soul Searchers

If you are looking to find yourself, then traveling is highly likely to become your hobby. 

4. Typical Traveler

These people would rather visit a place with a tourist guide as they prefer when everything is well-planned and structured. 

traveling as a hobby benefits
By traveling, you get to discover a variety of cuisines.

Benefits: Why Traveling Could Be a Good Hobby

The world is vast, with numerous sites and experiences to provide. Here are some of the common reasons people make traveling a hobby:

1. Discover What Makes You Tick

If you have been feeling like life has just been rumbling along without a passion, then picking traveling as a hobby may help open up the world in new and amazing ways. This will allow you to try new things and figure out what you love. 

2. Learn

Traveling is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in culture, languages, history, biology, geography, etc. It enriches your mind and educates you far beyond any book or travel guide.

You not only learn about different lifestyles, languages and landscapes, know amazing facts about animals in their natural habitats, and taste local cuisines but also learn about yourself along the journey. 

3. Delve into Different Cuisines

The world is full of different people and cultures, and as a result, varying and interesting cuisines. Food is one of the primary reasons people take traveling as a hobby as it presents a unique way to experience different destinations. 

4. Take a Break from Work

We live in a world where everyone has hectic schedules with the aim to survive. Taking a step away from work, however, is advisable for your physical and mental health as well as work. By traveling, you get to see the bigger picture and build a stronger team at the end of the trip. 

5. Admire Nature

Travel presents the opportunity to see how small we are compared to the vast beauty of Mother Nature. From lush greenery to crystal blue waters and pink sands, our planet is packed with sites, sights, colors, and sounds that no computer screen can replicate. 

6. Learn About Other Cultures

Each destination in the world has a unique style and history. With proper guidance, you will be able to immerse yourself in a world that is entirely different from what you are used to. 

7. Strengthen Relationships

There’s just something about sharing travel experiences that brings people together. Whether it’s a family vacation, a weekend trip with your significant other, or a trip with your friends, chances are you’ll build a lifelong bond. 

Are There Drawbacks to Choosing Traveling as a Hobby?

1. Travel is Expensive

One of the apparent downsides to traveling is the issue of money. Traveling, especially to faraway destinations for long, can quickly become expensive. And while traveling on a budget is possible, the pressure that the endeavor puts on your pockets cannot be overlooked. 

2. The Fear of the Unknown

If you knew precisely what you would come across in a location, it would hardly be worth visiting. On the flip side, however, venturing into new places can be scary.

We all fear being lost and stranded, robbed, hungry, tired, cold, etc. And when things begin to go south, fears are magnified to a point where they become overwhelming. 

3. Adjusting to Different Social Norms and Customs

Until you’ve amassed enough experience to immerse yourself in a different culture, it can be challenging to understand what’s normal for you may not be perceived the same way in other places. Things you take for granted in your country may be offensive or amusing in other places. 

4. Homesickness

As with most travelers, you’re bound to feel homesick. When you’re constantly surrounded by new experiences, it becomes easy to miss what you had back home, regardless of the monotony you experienced.

Sometimes it is hard to replace your old friends and family, especially when you need them the most.

traveling as a hobby how to start
Make sure to always have extra copies of important documents.

How to Start Traveling as a Hobby

Compared to most hobbies, you don’t need a lot to begin traveling as a hobby. 

Equipment Required

It goes without saying that you need to be well-equipped in order to enjoy any trip. Some of the essential gear needed for traveling include:

  • First Aid Kit – While traveling is amazing, it comes with its fair share of bumps and bruises. As such, it is best to have a well-stocked first aid kit in case you fall during a hike, become dehydrated, or have to deal with mosquitos. Ensure you include antiseptic cream, antihistamine tablets, plasters, bandages, painkillers, and the like. 
  • Photocopies of Your Details – This is something that most travelers overlook, but losing your passport, travel insurance, driving license, and other important documents can easily make your trip a nightmare. 
  • Portable Battery – Having a portable battery is essential in keeping your phone, laptop, camera, and other devices juiced up when in new lands. 

Other important things include a flashlight, clothes, and toiletries.

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

Traveling expenses all come down to the type of travel, destination, and duration. There’s no one-size-fits-all budget, and that’s why it is best to do your homework before visiting any destination. 

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Can You Make Money From Traveling?

Yes, this digital age has presented numerous ways to make money, including while traveling especially if you have a knack for vlogging or making documentaries. By posting travel videos on platforms like YouTube, you can monetize your content and even get brand deals to certain destinations.

In addition, you can make a website or blog and create content for people who like to travel and make money through advertisements and affiliate marketing. 

Similar Hobbies to Traveling

If you like traveling but want to venture into something different with a similar feeling, you can engage in similar hobbies like cycling, hiking, mountaineering, kitesurfing, and even photography.

Alternative Hobbies to Traveling

If you cannot afford to travel, no matter the reason, you can a pick a new hobby in yoga, videography, blogging, journaling, kayaking, wildlife watching, diving, language learning, music, stargazing, eating, cooking, wine tasting, collecting cool things, or drawing. 

Where You Can Learn More About Traveling

In this day and age, there are limitless places to learn about traveling. Excellent online resources include blogs, social media, forums, YouTube videos, and online classes or courses.

In addition, you will come across many books on Amazon that can teach you the basics and requirements of ideal traveling. Lastly, you can consult seasoned travelers for expert advice.

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