Singing As A Hobby? (A Detailed Guide)

You can freely express yourself and your deepest emotions through singing. Read on to discover the many things that you can do with singing as a hobby.

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Humans have an innate ability to sing. When a person feels an emotion, that emotion often triggers a desire to sing. You might want to sing just for yourself, or you might want to sing for other people to hear. If you like to sing, you can turn it into a hobby. 

What is Singing?

Singing is a way to use your voice to make a melody. The melody is usually accompanied by words or lyrics, but it does not have to be. Humming a melody is considered singing, too.

Singing is a way for people to express their wide range of emotions. You can sing when you are happy or sad. People sing together to celebrate a joyous occasion, to express their comradery when they mourn, when they want to honor a person, and more. 

You can sign to a baby to soothe him. You just sing to pass the time away. There are no limits to when or why you sing.

Can Singing Be a Hobby?

Singing can most certainly be a terrific hobby! If you can carry a tune, it can be lots of fun.

You can explore countless styles and genres of music and pick the ones that you enjoy most. To make a choice, ask what type of personality you have. Your background might play a role in your preference for songs to sing.

Pick a style and genre that you are comfortable with that fits your personality. Do you like rock and roll? Country music? Hymns? Oldies? Children’s songs? 

You don’t have to stick with one particular style or genre. If your voice is versatile, the sky is the limit!

singing as a hobby types of people
Some people like to sing by themselves while others love to sing together in a group.

What Types of People Like Singing?

In general, almost anyone who likes music like to sing. The difference is whether you like to sing in private or for an audience.

Some people like to sing just by themselves because singing is a private activity for them. They might only sing in the shower. Or they might hum a tune when they are working on a project. For some, humming a tune helps them with their concentration.

Parents like to sing to their children because it is an easy way to soothe or entertain them. Kids, by nature, like to sing. So, it is a great family activity.

People who are expressive tend to like to sing. Sometimes they cannot express how they truly feel in words, but they can by singing a song that has those expressions. A person might sing to his beloved to express his deepest emotions. It is a romantic gesture too.

People in religious groups love to sing together to honor their beliefs and to celebrate together.

Schools have school songs. Students sing their school songs in unison when they express their solidarity during a ceremony or during a sports competition with another school.

Benefits: Why Singing Could Be a Good Hobby?

Singing brings a multitude of benefits to yourself and to others.

  • It can help you relax – Singing a soft song to yourself is almost like a way to meditate. You can stop for a few minutes, close your eyes, and hum a tune. Your mind will calm down and rest for a bit.
  • You can learn correct breathing control – Learning how to breathe correctly maximizes your lung capacity.
  • It can give you a way to express your emotions – Sometimes you can feel so happy that you can break into a song. If you have favorite songs, you can sing them to your heart’s content.
  • You can build self-confidence – As you practice your singing and become better at it, people will start paying you compliments on your nice voice. That can give you a boost of confidence.
  • You can entertain others – In a social gathering, music always adds a special touch to the atmosphere. Have some music play in the background. You can sing a few songs and entertain the guests.
  • You can lead a celebration – If you have a strong singing voice, you can lead a group in celebrating an occasion like a victory, a birthday, a wedding, and more. 
  • Singing has a way of bringing people together – You can gather people to sing carols around the Christmas tree or sing around a campfire.
  • Singing softly can soothe a child or even a pet – Music is able to soothe a troubled soul. You can lull a child to sleep with a lullaby. Singing to your pet can have the same effect, too.

Are There Drawbacks to Choosing Singing as a Hobby?

Singing is a great hobby, but there are some drawbacks:

  • If you don’t use your vocal cords correctly, you can damage your voice.
  • Singing too much with no break can make your voice hoarse and sore.
  • It can bother other people who prefer peace and quiet. If you share a living space, you and your housemates will have to make some compromises.
singing as a hobby how to start
Your voice is enough for singing, but some equipment can enhance the experience.

How to Start Singing as a Hobby

It is very easy to start singing as a hobby. It is one of the simplest things to do because you always have the centerpiece of your hobby, which is your voice.

Equipment Needed

You really do not need anything else except your voice when you sing. However, the following items can enhance the experience:

  • Music accompaniment: This can be a live instrument like a piano or guitar that you or someone else can play. For popular tunes, you can also find accompaniment music recorded for singers, like the music made for karaoke.
  • Microphone and speakers: If you plan to perform, having a microphone and speakers will give you the amplification you need for your performance.
  • Music sheets with lyrics: If you have someone who will accompany you on an instrument, you need to provide music sheets.
  • A repertoire of songs: It would be helpful if you have a repertoire of songs that you can perform by memory. This is good for impromptu performances.

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

It does not cost you anything to sing. However, if you need to take lessons, then you have to pay for those. 

Can You Make Money From Singing?

You can most certainly make money from singing. Just look at all of the rich and famous singing celebrities. Even if you don’t become famous, you can still earn a decent amount of money.

  • Advertise your singing talent as a freelancer.
  • Get gigs singing at weddings.
  • Get gigs performing at local establishments.
  • Perform as a street artist.
  • Record your songs and sell them online.
  • Write your own songs and perform them. Get money by streaming, offering downloads, making a YouTube channel with your videos, and monetizing them.

Similar Hobbies to Singing

Instead of performing, you can write and sell songs for others to sing. You can just compose the tune, write the lyrics or do both. You still have to sing them to yourself to make sure they sound right. Make sure you copyright them and retain ownership of your rights.

Alternative Hobbies to Singing

You can write a blog about music and singing. Or, if you like music but not the singing part, learn to play an instrument. 

Where to Learn More About Singing

You can take singing lessons from a variety of sources.

Private lessons from a singing instructor will be the most expensive. A good teacher can cost $50 to $100 an hour. 

You can reduce that cost by taking group lessons. Sometimes community colleges have group singing classes. You can learn breathing techniques, vocal exercises, posture, etc.

You can look for singing instructional videos online. They are mostly free.

You could even start another hobby while listening to music if you are looking for something a bit more active.

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