Running As A Hobby: A Detailed Guide

Running is a fun outdoor activity that is also beneficial to your health. This article will be your helpful guide as you get started with running as a hobby.

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Running can be a great hobby if you like spending time outdoors and you love nature. Running is great for your health, and you are going to start seeing benefits the moment you get started.

Millions of people around the world have started and stuck with this hobby for years. Starting might seem hard, but you will look forward to it once you start getting used to it.

What Is Running?

This is the process of propelling yourself forward fast using your feet. Running is different from walking because when you walk, one foot is always on the ground. When you run, there are times when both feet are off the ground. This is why it is considered a high-impact activity.

It can be considered anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise, depending on the type of running. Cardiovascular exercises are categorized into two main subtypes: aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercise is where the heart rate and oxygen intake are going to be consistent over a given period. Anaerobic exercise is where you have quick bursts of energy performed at the heist level for a short period. 

Running is aerobic if you keep energy expenditure and pace fairly consistent. Think about endurance training and distance running. The body is going to use oxygen to create the energy that you need to keep running.

The workouts tend to be easy pace runs, long runs, and recovery runs. These need to make up the most of your weekly mileage.

Anaerobic exercise is like sprints. This is where your body performs at high intensity using the stored energy in the muscles without oxygen. This is going to last six seconds up to two minutes.

Each of these subtypes has its place in your running routine. Aerobic exercise is going to help build a proper base, while aerobic is going to improve your performance.

running as a hobby can it be
Running is a fun and rewarding hobby.

Can Running Be A Hobby?

Yes, running can be a hobby, and it is very rewarding. You need to plan properly to make sure you do it right. There are people who have given up this hobby because they got injured or tried to do too much when getting started.

Just like anything activity, you need to start slow and build up with time. This guide is going to help you learn more about the hobby and how you can get started. If you do it right, you won’t have to worry about injuries, and the activity becomes fun. 

The Types Of People Who Like Running

People who enjoy running are those leading an active lifestyle. This is also a good hobby for people who like spending time outdoors and interacting with nature. When running, you will experience nature depending on the routes. If you are passionate about your health, running is a great hobby.

Running is also a good hobby for people who like to take care of their health. The two most important things you need to lead a healthy life are exercise and eating the right type of food. The food you eat is also going to have an impact on your running sessions. 

The Benefits: Why Is Running A Great Hobby

  • Running is going to boost your mood and energy levels. Studies have shown this, and you don’t even have to run a lot to get the benefits.
  • Running improves respiratory function because it helps the body get more oxygen and better blood flow.
  • Running improves cardiovascular health, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. People who exercise also live longer compared to those who don’t.
  • More muscle strength and improved bone density. 
  • The good thing with running is you can start to get these and more benefits with just 10-minutes of running a couple of times a week.

Are There Drawbacks To Choosing Running As A Hobby?

There are some drawbacks that can come with running as a hobby.

A common concern for most people is joint problems and impact injuries. Repeated pounding is going to take its toll on the bones, especially the knee, which is susceptible to injury.

Running can help in strengthening your bones and joints, but you need to make sure you have well-cushioned shoes, avoid heavy training mileages, and run off-road regularly because of the improved shock absorption. 

Many see running as boring because you use the same routes and see running without any purpose as pointless. There is the freedom that running has, and you also get the chance to explore the outdoors.

It is normal to think of running as boring because it is repetitive, but you can make it better. Vary your routes, training sessions, and distances. Training with friends also makes it less boring.

Running can become an unhealthy obsession if you are not careful. This is common because runners put a lot of focus on their weekly mileage and never miss a training session.

Some manipulate their day round to make sure they have enough time for training, and it can sometimes dominate above all else.

There are many benefits to running, but you need to balance them. Running should be used to enhance your life and not dominate it.

running as a hobby start
Make sure to run at a comfortable pace.

How To Start Running As A Hobby

The best way to start is walk-jogging. It is going to help you get into a running routine and build endurance. Start with a brisk walk for about 15 minutes, then try jogging when the body is warmed up.

Jogging required a low level of exertion. The time you should jog is going to depend on your comfort; it can be as less as ten seconds. Go back to waking until your breathing becomes normal. Repeat the process.

Your fitness level is going to determine the length of these interval times and distance. Jogging will challenge you more compared to walking, but the pace is not going to be tough. Avoid pushing yourself to a point where you are completely winded or panting.

The goal is building up to running at a comfortable pace. If you can run at a comfortable pace for at least 15 minutes a couple of times a week, you are ready for the training program.

Equipment Needed

One of the best things about running is the fact that you don’t need a lot to get started. All you need is a quality pair of running shoes, and that is it. It is important to choose the right type of shoes because it is going to have a big impact.

With time, you can start investing in running gear, but you can do a lot with your phone and smartwatch.

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

You don’t have to spend a lot to get started with running. Once you have bought the shoes, you can start hitting the road. A good pair of shoes will cost about two or three hundred dollars.

There are cheaper options that will still work. You will need to replace the shoes once they start wearing out.

Can You Make Money From Running?

Being a runner is more of a hobby, and there are limited options when it comes to making money. There are people who have made money on YouTube and social media platforms by building a following and sharing content about running. You can even start a blog.

Similar Hobbies To Running

There are many hobbies out there that are similar to running. Some of them include walking, jogging, biking, swimming, etc.

Alternative Hobbies To Running

If you feel like running is too much, then you can consider other hobbies such as walking, biking and swimming. You will still get most of the benefits.

Where Can You Learn More

You can learn more about running on YouTube and from content creators on social media platforms. Make sure you are careful with the advice you receive because there are some that can be dangerous.

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