Origami As A Hobby? (A Detailed Guide)

Origami is a therapeutic hobby that involves paper folding in a creative way. Find out here if origami as a hobby is something for you to try out.

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Origami is an ancient form of art that dates back to the 6th century. Many people assume that origami just involves the folding of paper, but it actually has far more applications that extend beyond simple paper creations.

Artists now use origami elements in architecture and fashion design, and there are other applications used in different fields such as medicine and engineering. 

So, if you are thinking that origami might be an interesting hobby to try, carry on reading to find out everything you need to know about this hobby. 

What Is Origami?

Origami originated from China but became popularized in Japan. It is an art form that involves folding paper. In Japanese, “ori” means folding, while “gami” means paper. 

This type of paper folding is used to produce beautiful creations such as butterflies, birds, cats, dogs, pokemon figures, and flowers. 

origami as a hobby can be
Origami is a hobby that will help you combat stress.

Can Origami Be A Hobby?

Yes! Origami is one of those therapeutic hobbies that can help you to concentrate, a way to learn about new things, and the right way to follow directions. 

It does require a few special tools, some preparation, and a bit of practice. Carry on reading to find out whether this may be the perfect hobby for you. 

If you are thinking that origami may be a difficult and complex hobby reserved for only Japanese masters, you are most certainly mistaken. You might not know, but you are already using origami in some of your daily activities. 

For example, you have most likely made something out of paper or paper napkins at some stage in your life, such as a paper airplane, decorations for your wine glasses, or a hat for a kid’s birthday party.

Well, this is a form of origami. Yes, it may be the simplest and most basic form of origami, but it is also the foundation to get your latest hobby started. 

Origami is a relaxing and therapeutic hobby that will teach you how to concentrate and follow step-by-step instructions. It is also an activity that helps to combat stress, and you can enjoy this activity just about anywhere.

Origami is so useful and popular that you might not be aware of its true potential.

What Types Of People Like Origami?

People of any age have been enjoying origami as a hobby for many years. Other types of people that enjoy this activity have also included a few famous people, nerds, prisoners, and warriors. 

The Benefits: Why Is Origami A Great Hobby?

If this is the first time you have heard about origami, here are a few reasons why you may want to try it:

It Is Easy To Pick Up

All you really need is the paper and a few instructions. 

It’s Therapeutic

Today, many teachers have started to bring origami into their classrooms to assist kids with learning problems or disabilities since it offers the benefits of boosting confidence, decreasing anxiety, following directions, and encouraging concentration. 

It Is Easy To Learn

There are literally thousands of online videos and how-to-books that provide step-by-step instructions to ensure your success. 

It Can Be A Solo Or Social Activity

Once you have learned a couple of the folds, get a group together and start working on projects together. 

Are There Drawbacks To Choosing Origami As A Hobby?

Similar to any other hobby, there are a few drawbacks to origami. Some of these include:

  • Not suitable for every type of paper – When it comes to origami, you need the right type of paper.
  • Requires extreme focus – Origami may appear to be one of those casual hobbies, but it does require constant concentration, determination, and extreme focus. 

How To Start Origami As A Hobby

The best part of origami has to do with its simplicity. All that you really need is a few special items to make sure you are set up for success. 

Equipment Needed

1. Paper 

Paper is the main item needed for origami. There are different origami paper types, but for a beginner, the thin standard kind (which is available in most craft stores) is perfect. 

2. Cutting Tools

Many of the modern models for origami don’t use scissors. However, most of the traditional models often include a couple of snips. You will also need a cutting tool or scissors when cutting the paper to your starting dimensions. 

3. Scoring Tool

These tools are used to score clean lines when creating folds so as not to damage the paper. These tools are incredibly helpful when you use them on thicker paper in order to make crisp corners and straight lines. 

origami as a hobby make money
One way to make money from origami is by creating functional pieces.

Can You Make Money From Origami?

Most people, non-folders and folders, are not prepared to pay very much for what many people regard as mere pieces of folded paper. 

But there are other ways to make an income off origami. Some of these include:

  1. Make traditional items and add further decorations where you can then sell them online or at a craft fair. You could also turn your pieces into something more functional such as pendants, bookmarks, or earrings.
  2. Teach classes once you have mastered the skill.
  3. Write an e-book that covers a guide on how to make an income off origami.

Similar Hobbies To Origami

There are lots of creative hobbies that share similarities to origami. Some of these include scrapbooking, collages, sketching, painting, and knitting. 

But, if you have an interest in picking up a hobby or activity that involves turning paper into interesting creations, origami might be a great option since the costs involved are minimal, and the techniques are easy to learn. 

Alternative Hobbies To Origami

Origami is a very popular hobby for many different types of people, but you can also choose from several other hobbies that might be even more enjoyable. 

If you love the outdoors, you may want to consider gardening, hiking, camping, or learning a new outdoor game with your kids. 

If you prefer indoor creative activities, you may want to try hobbies like drawing, playing cards, or even learning a new language. 

Where Can You Learn More

There is a massive database containing origami diagrams that you can access for free online. If you prefer online video instructions, there is also a large database of these too. 

Video instructions are incredibly helpful since you get to watch how to accurately move the paper from one step to the next. 

Instructions on some of the top-rated origami models or beginners guides are also available in many books. Regardless of what you are searching for, you can be sure you will find many cool and interesting things to fold. 

In the modern world that we live in today, it has become even more important to discover ways to escape from our mundane routines and a way to truly unwind. 

Many of these mysteries have to do with mental health and wellness and why it is so important. However, more and more studies and research are now discovering how vital it is for people to set aside enough time to relax.

More specifically, this should include the time to do what you are really interested in. Every person will find joy in different activities and hobbies. 

Some people like to exercise or take up yoga, while others prefer more sedentary activities such as coloring books, knitting, reading, or building puzzles.

Origami is just one of the many hobbies that could be an excellent way to occupy your free time. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to have a hobby to turn to, especially in times of stress. 


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