Golf As A Hobby? (A Detailed Guide)

Playing golf is a great way to relax while still getting some exercise. And you can find out more about golf as a hobby in this detailed guide.

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Finding an enjoyable hobby is a simple way to improve your health while you have fun. This study shows that subjects who engage in enjoyable hobbies are likely to experience psychological and physical benefits.

The athletic nature of golf makes it a great hobby for targeting both of these areas.

What Is Golf?

Golf is a sport and a hobby that has captivated millions since its rise to popularity in the 15th century. At the time, the game consisted of hitting pebbles around courses with dunes.

It was so popular that it was banned in 1457 by the Scottish Parliament so that it did not interfere with military training. It was banned again in 1471 and again in 1491.

Bans did very little to slow down the momentum. The ball was already rolling, and golf had become more popular than ever. In 2021, more than 9.5 million people watched the conclusion of the Masters Tournament.

An even larger number of people venture outside and play on a golf course at least once a year.

The overall concept of golf is very easy for beginners to understand. Your goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. That doesn’t mean golf can’t be complex.

If you want to master the game, then you’ll spend a lot of time learning about different clubs, environmental effects, and stroke techniques. A lot of the lessons will be learned through experience on the course.

golf as a hobby can it be
Golf is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Can Golf Be A Hobby?


According to the National Golf Foundation, 24.3 million people played golf on a course in 2019. Golf is a hobby for millions because it’s easy to learn and difficult to master. All that you need to test the waters is to rent the gear and find a course.

You can prepare by playing an off-course golf activity. There are several popular golf-based activities like driving ranges and simulators. The activities are a great way to add some variety while improving fundamental skills.

In time, you might even decide you want to progress to a higher level of play. Local events and tournaments provide a great opportunity to benefit from your hobby when you’re ready. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the focus on weekend leisure.

What Types Of People Like Golf?

Golf has become such a popular hobby that it attracts all sorts of people. Many people start playing golf because they have enjoyed watching the sport in the past.

But being a fan of watching the sport is not a requirement at all. There are plenty of people who never watch the tournaments but still enjoy golf as a hobby.

Any person who is in search of a hobby that comes with an element of relaxation would likely enjoy golf. Some people enjoy the experience and put little effort into improving their playing skills. It can be a great way to relax, get some exercise, and drive around in a golf cart.

Golf also attracts serious analytic thinkers who want to try a sport that doesn’t require an entire team. People who have the patience to examine the environment, calculate a shot, and follow through are the people who enter tournaments.

Benefits: Why Golf Could Be A Good Hobby

1. A Hobby With Exercise

It’s always good when you can combine a hobby with physical activity. This is especially true if you work a sedentary job for several hours a day. Many people struggle to get motivated to exercise. It’s much easier when that exercise is incorporated into an enjoyable activity.

People who choose not to use a golf cart may end up walking miles during a single course. Because of the exercise benefits, many people even choose walking as a hobby!

2. A Great Way To Relieve Stress

We’ve already mentioned how a hobby can have psychological benefits like relieving stress. That benefit is even more noticeable when the hobby involves a stress-free environment.

Most courses are large, peaceful, and quiet. It’s like taking a stroll through nature with the occasional passerby. Of course, things can get a little more stressful when you miss that big putt.

3. A Competitive Edge

Most people don’t start off good at golf. Don’t expect to start outscoring the same thing as the professionals. But once you’re comfortable with your abilities, you can explore the more competitive side of golf. That could include making new friends or entering an amateur golf tournament.

Are There Drawbacks to Choosing Golf As A Hobby?

1. A Potential To Be Expensive

Renting equipment is fine when you are first playing, but over time you’ll want to invest in your own clubs and accessories. Finding good deals on golf equipment can be tricky. Many people wind up investing quite a bit into the hobby.

However, the frugal players can still enjoy the game if they make shopping decisions.

golf as a hobby how to start
There are a few key items and accessories you will need to get started with golf as a hobby.

How To Start Golf As A Hobby

Getting started with golf doesn’t require much. The key items you will need are clubs, golf balls, and accessories. The most important accessories are golf shoes and gloves.

Choosing the right set of clubs will be the most difficult and expensive part of preparation. Luckily, they sell beginner golf club sets, which include the essential clubs for managing most scenarios.

There are some ongoing costs related to gear maintenance, but most of the ongoing expenses will be linked to the golf courses. There is a variety of private, public, and semi-private courses across the country.

The easiest method is to book a tee time on the website for a public golf course near you. The average cost for booking 18 holes of golf with a cart is around $36.

Can You Make Money From Golf?

There are several ways that you can make money from golf. The most lucrative option is to become a professional golf player. Only the best players can achieve this goal, and it requires extreme skill.

Chances are, you’ll have already made some money from golf before you are skilled enough to play with the best. The first earnings usually come from friendly wagers with other players on the course.

Over time, you might become good enough to begin playing in tournaments for prizes. You’ll lose your “amateur” status but boost your earning potential.

There are also some alternative ways to profit from extensive golf knowledge. For example, a player could start a blog sharing their ideas, experience, or advice regarding the hobby. 

Similar Hobbies To Golf

Golf isn’t the only hobby that involves hitting a ball over the ground with a stick. Croquet is a somewhat similar game that requires knocking a ball through hoops on the ground with a mallet.

It is cheaper and easier to play than golf. It’s a fun hobby but lacks the complexity and competitive edge of golf.

Alternative Hobbies To Golf

If you’re interested in a hobby with somewhat similar benefits but a different play style, then you should consider tennis. It is another sport-based hobby that doesn’t require a team.

Like golf, tennis is easy to understand and difficult to master. It provides a good amount of exercise while also requiring critical thinking and fast reflexes.

Tennis also has a competitive element similar to golf. Players can participate in local events and tournaments while their skills improve. They can even make a profit once their skills reach a high competitive level.

Where To Learn More

The internet is a great place to get started with your golf education. You’ll find hundreds of articles, blogs, websites, and YouTube videos with instructional content.

Another option is to invest in professional golf training. You can purchase a single hour-long lesson with a trainer or a full multi-lesson program.

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