Flower Pressing As A Hobby? [A Detailed Guide]

Flower pressing can be a fun and rewarding hobby for people of all ages – especially those who enjoy nature and creativity. But, is it a good hobby for you? Let’s find out!

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Pressing flowers can be a great hobby for anyone who loves the natural beauty of flowers and plants, enjoys spending time in nature and creating beautiful arrangements and works of art.

So, if you are wondering if flower pressing could be a good hobby for yourself, keep reading to learn more about this creative hobby.

First, let’s cover the basics:

What Is Flower Pressing?

Flower pressing is an activity that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. There are three different variations to choose from.

The first is a way to preserve flowers. This involves pressing the flowers until they are flat and then storing them in a dry, sealed environment.

Another method is to take pressed flowers and arrange them into an attractive, visual display. You can also display pressed flowers in crafts, like wreaths or centerpieces, or even by using them in food.

A final way involves taking a bouquet of flowers, usually roses, and using a press to extract the juice and aromatic oils from the flowers. This juice can then be used in various ways, such as making perfume or tea. 

Can Flower Pressing Be a Hobby?

Yes, flower pressing can absolutely be a fun and rewarding hobby! But it does require some preparation, some special tools, and a bit of know-how. Keep reading this guide to learn more details about choosing flower pressing as a hobby.

What Types of People Like Flower Pressing?

Some potential flower pressers who may enjoy this hobby include those who are interested in natural products and artisanal work, as well as those who are passionate about gardening and growing flowers.

Other people who might enjoy it are creative types who love to experiment with different techniques, as well as people who are into aromatherapy.

Also, this is a great hobby for people who like to get outdoors, pick wild flowers, and who admire natural beauty. 

The Benefits: Why Is Flower Pressing a Great Hobby?

There are many reasons why flower pressing is a great hobby.

For one, it is a relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The physical motion of pressing flowers is a great way to destress!

Secondly, it is a fun way to learn about plants and their different characteristics. You’ll learn more about the structures of plants and flowers and begin noticing the subtle differences between varieties.

Next, pressing flowers yields beautiful specimens that can be used in arrangements or simply displayed as decoration. A display of pressed flowers can even make great gifts for the people you care about.

Finally, flower pressing can be an excellent way to promote biodiversity in your garden or home.

Are There Drawbacks to Choosing Flower Pressing As A Hobby?

There are a few potential drawbacks to choosing flower pressing as a hobby that you should consider.

First, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring patience and a fair amount of effort.

Second, flower pressing can be expensive, especially if you want to buy high-quality presses. But there are less expensive ways to get started.

Finally, some plants are harder to press than others, so it may take some trial and error before you find a method that works best for you.

But, all in all, though, flower pressing is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that can add beauty and fragrance to your life.

Now, let’s jump into more detailed information about flower pressing.

How to Start Flower Pressing as a Hobby

If you’re interested in starting a flower pressing hobby, there are a few things you’ll need to get started.

First, you’ll need some plants to press and a method of pressing them. There are many different types of flowers that can be pressed, so find some that interest you and start collecting them. You can also buy plants online or at a store, but the easiest (and cheapest) way is to grow your own or pick them wild.

Equipment Needed

To get started pressing flowers, you might want to get the following equipment:

1. Flower Press

There are many different types of flower presses available on the market, so it is important to find one that is comfortable for you to use. If you want to press flowers quickly and easily, a hydraulic press may be the best.

Some people use a hand press because they cost less. But, they do require more effort to use. Some presses are designed for one-handed use, while others require two hands.

Some presses are small enough to fit on a desk or countertop, while others are larger and require more space.

2. Removal Tool

This tool removes the delicate pressed flower from the machine so that you can move it to a display or final resting place. These usually come with the press but tweezers and forceps can be good options.

3. Drying Apparatus

If you want to dry your flowers, you can air dry them or even use your oven at home. But, if you really get into this hobby, there are commercial dehydrator and drying options available too.

4. Containers

You’ll want a place to display the results of your work, right?  You can get simple containers like photo frames, albums, and vases or more advanced options like shadow boxes or even enclose them in resin.

5. Gloves

Some flowers and plants contain oils that may aggravate people with certain allergies. So, wearing gloves is always a good idea.

There are many kits available on the market too that contain all the supplies needed to start your flower pressing hobby. 

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

The startup costs of flower pressing are minimal, and so are the ongoing costs. The most important cost to consider when starting a flower press is the cost of materials. You will need a press, containers, and some flowers to get started. Flower presses range from as little as $25 to several hundred dollars.

Ongoing costs include flowers to press and containers/displays to put them into. You can pick up lots of flowers for free by picking wildflowers or using flowers from your own garden too.

Other costs to consider include the cost of energy (to run the press), storage space for your materials, and time spent pressing flowers.

Can You Make Money From Flower Pressing?

If you have an eye for creating attractive displays and have access to a press, there is a good chance that you can make some money from flower pressing! It’s even a great option for making money from your gardening hobby.

For example, you could charge customers for pressing and preserving flowers they are sentimental about. Alternatively, you could sell your pressed flower displays directly to retailers or through online platforms like Etsy or eBay.

Another popular way to make money from your hobbies is to start a blog. Flower pressing would also be a great opportunity for starting a Youtube channel. You could show other people how to share in the joy of your hobby.

As with any new venture, however, it is important to do your research first to ensure that flower pressing is something that interests you and meets your expectations before investing in pricy equipment.

Similar Hobbies to Flower Pressing

There are many creative hobbies that are similar to flower pressing. Flower design, arranging, and growing flowers are the most similar though.

But, if you’re interested in starting a new hobby that involves flowers, flower pressing may be a good option for you because of its low cost and short time frame for seeing the efforts of your work.

Alternative Hobbies to Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is a popular hobby, but there are other hobbies that can be just as enjoyable. If you like nature and creating things, some alternatives include beekeeping, gardening, hiking, or even pottery.

If you’re looking for a creative activity that will also give you some physical activity, try woodworking, metalworking, or sculpting.

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Where You Can Learn More

There are many different places where you can learn about flower pressing. Some online resources include websites, YouTube videos, and blogs plus online classes and courses.

Additionally, there are numerous books that can teach you the basics of flower pressing. Finally, local florists or gardening centers may also be able to provide information about flower pressing.

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