Embroidery As A Hobby (A Detailed Guide)

You might want to give embroidery a try if you’re creative and want to experiment with crafty techniques. Keep on reading to learn more about embroidery as a hobby and how to get started.

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Embroidery is a fantastic and highly therapeutic hobby to try. It’s inexpensive, and there are so many online tutorials that you can use to get started. All you will really need is a hoop, a needle, and embroidery floss. 

As you start getting into this hobby, you will need to buy some fabric since this is the medium for this type of craft. 

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a type of craft that involves decorating fabrics or other types of materials. A needle is used to apply the yarn or thread to a piece of fabric. 

Embroidery can also involve the incorporation of other materials, including quills, beads, sequins, and pearls. Today embroidery is commonly seen on hats, caps, golf shirts, overlays, coats, dresses, denim, and blankets. 

Embroidery comes in many different types of yarn or thread colors. A few of the basic stitches or techniques include chain stitch, blanket or buttonhole stitch, cross-stitch, and running stitch.

These stitches are still the rudimentary techniques and methods of today’s hand embroidery. 

Can Embroidery Be A Hobby?

Yes! If you are interested in trying out a new hobby, embroidery is not only inexpensive, but it is also incredibly easy to pick up the techniques.

You also won’t need loads of space or fancy equipment. In fact, you can easily get started with as little as $12. 

embroidery as a hobby types of people
You may find embroidery as an interesting hobby if you like being crafty.

What Types Of People Like Embroidery?

Some potential embroiders that might love this hobby usually include people interested in crafty projects such as knitting and sewing or making stuffed toys. 

Other types of people that may enjoy this activity are creative personalities that enjoy experimenting with crafty techniques.

It is also one of the best hobbies for those that prefer to stay indoors or already have a room dedicated in their home for these types of projects.

Benefits: Why Embroidery Could Be A Good Hobby?

According to the experience that many people have with embroidery, here are some of the top benefits linked to hand embroidery:

It Is Therapeutic

Embroidery is one of the best hobbies to keep the mind focused and improve fine motor skills. Embroidery can also help to distract your mind from the daily stresses of life.

Builds Patience

The techniques used help to lower blood pressure and an interesting way to develop patience. 

Boosts Confidence

When you start making beautiful items, it will boost your confidence and your belief in yourself. 

Enhances Creativity

Embroidery offers a way to solve problems in a creative way. Similar to other forms of art, embroidery reflects your feelings, ideas, and thoughts. 

Are There Drawbacks To Choosing Embroidery As A Hobby?

If you have plans to sell your embroidered products, you may be faced with a situation where you need to provide enough of your products to match up to the demand.

Unfortunately, when you have chosen hand embroidery, it is often harder to produce large quantities. If you plan to start selling your items, you need to be realistic about how many items you can produce in a particular time frame. 

Even if you decide to hire several embroiders to help you with your projects, humans cannot match up to the pace of a machine. If there are specific numbers you are expected to hit, then hand embroidery may not be the best option. 

How To Start Embroidery As A Hobby

Embroidery is certainly one of the least expensive hobbies around. However, it is not always the cheapest hobby either. There are several cost levels involved in embroidery. As you start producing more items, the costs will obviously start to increase. 

But when you are just starting out, here is a list of basic essentials you will need to get your hobby off the ground:

Equipment Needed

  • Embroidery Needles
  • Embroidery Floss (it is best to start learning about the different stitches using one color to help keep your costs down)
  • Embroidery Hoop (the medium-sized hoops will work well)
  • Scissors (to cut the embroidery floss)
  • Fabric for Your Embroidery Work (you can use scraps that are slightly larger than the hoop or you can learn the stitches on any old t-shirt)

Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

You can buy all these items for a minimal amount of money at just about any local craft store. You can also choose to buy a kit that will contain all the items you are going to need to complete your project. 

At the end of the day, every person will decide on what they are prepared to spend on a hobby, and many people have their “own” definition when it comes to what expensive actually means. 

embroidery as a hobby make money
Professional-looking embroidery designs will get a lot of people’s attention.

Can You Make Money From Embroidery?

Absolutely. Embroidery is one of those versatile designs, which means you can transform just about any item into something beautiful. Many people and companies also appreciate professional-looking embroidery designs. 

You can also earn a good living by starting your own embroidery business. But before you launch into getting your business started, make sure this is a hobby that you truly enjoy.

This means making several items before deciding that this is something you want to spend a lot of your time on. 

Similar Hobbies To Embroidery

Embroidery shares a lot of similarities to other hobbies. Weaving, knitting, and sewing seem to be the most similar. In many cases, people that enjoy these hobbies will also most likely enjoy embroidery. 

But if you have decided that you would like to take up another hobby that mainly involves fabric and sewing items onto materials, embroidery is probably one of your best options, since it costs very little to get started and it won’t take very long to appreciate the effort that you put into your work. 

Here are some of the other hobbies that you may want to take up once you have mastered how to embroider:

  • Cross-stitch 
  • Canasta, Bridge, or any other Card Games
  • Mending or Repairing Clothes
  • Gardening 

Alternative Hobbies To Embroidery

Embroidery is a common and popular hobby, but you can also choose from many other hobbies that hold the same level of enjoyment. 

If you are a homebody and you prefer to spend your free time curled up on a couch or in your sewing or arts and crafts room, some of the best alternatives include scrapbooking, making stuffed toys, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, or coloring. 

Other popular hobbies that you can definitely take up from the comfort of your own home include flower pressing, gardening, pottery, sculpting, or anything else that gets your creative juices flowing. 

Where To Learn More

If you feel passionate about turning your embroidery hobby into something more professional, it is highly recommended to find classes or workshops in your local area. There are also countless resources to find out all you need to know about embroidery. 

Some of the most popular resources can be found online on websites, by watching popular YouTube videos or tutorials or signing up for an online class. 

If you prefer books, you can either order guides or e-books online or visit your local library to gain the inspiration that you need to get started. 

Once you get started with your hobby, try and join a Facebook group or a forum of like-minded people so that you can share your tips and ideas. 

Embroidery is an incredibly satisfying hobby, especially for people that already enjoy crafts such as sewing, knitting, or scrapbooking. It is also a hobby that you can turn into a side-hustle or even a way to replace your full-time income.


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