Cleaning As A Hobby: A Detailed Guide

Cleaning takes time and effort, but many people still find it enjoyable to do. So here, we will guide you on how to get started with cleaning as a hobby.

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Lots of people clean regularly, but not many actually consider it to be a hobby. Is cleaning really a hobby, and can a person make money with it?

Feel to read this detailed guide before deciding to take up cleaning as a hobby that can potentially help bring in extra income. 

What Is Cleaning?

It is when someone makes something clean. An example of this is when a person removes trash from their car or when they clean the interior of their house.

The purpose of cleaning is to enhance the appearance of whatever it is being cleaned and/or to make it more hygienic.

Can Cleaning Be A Hobby?

The answer is yes, cleaning can be a hobby because a hobby is anything that a person enjoys doing when they have extra time on their hands. Although cleaning is one of those activities that need to be done, it is still considered a popular hobby among many people. 

What Types Of People Like Cleaning?

Generally speaking, there are several types of people who like cleaning.

Those who consider themselves “clean freaks” are the ones who typically love it the most. These kinds of people clean frequently, and they can easily spend hours doing it without feeling any sort of negative emotions. 

People who like physical activities often enjoy cleaning. They view cleaning as a form of exercise, so they’ll do it at least once per week. Some do it a few days per week because they like how it makes them feel. 

Finally, there are people who live with loved ones that they take care of. Part of their daily duty is to do a light clean or clean in general. Since they are used to cleaning regularly, they end up enjoying it and actually do it when they have free time. 

cleaning as a hobby benefits
One good way to get rid of your boredom is with cleaning as a hobby.

Benefits: Why Cleaning Could Be A Good Hobby

There are many benefits of taking up cleaning as a hobby. A few of the top benefits and reasons why cleaning could be a good hobby include: 


Cleaning can easily and quickly kill boredom. Whether someone is cleaning a garage, apartment, an entire house, car, or anything else, the chances are they will not be bored while doing it. 

Anxiety & Stress

Sometimes, people get anxious over things that they have to deal with or they suffer from general anxiety. Whatever the reason for having anxiety, cleaning is often a great way to relieve it temporarily.

This is why cleaning can make a great hobby for those with anxiety. 


Another benefit of taking up cleaning as a hobby is it allows a person to improve over a period of time. The more they clean, the more skills they’ll gain along the way. Before they know it, they’ll be excellent at cleaning. 


As previously mentioned, cleaning is a form of exercise. It requires bending over, squatting, reaching overhead and consistent movement. Cleaning can actually help a person get into better shape and/or improve their overall fitness levels. 

Those are only a few benefits of cleaning. Whether someone pursues it as a part-time hobby or they want to do it all the time, they will find that cleaning offers tremendous benefits.

Are There Drawbacks To Choosing Cleaning As A Hobby?

Although there are several benefits of doing cleaning as a hobby, there are drawbacks. The most notable ones include:

Feel Like Work

Cleaning can feel like work. When something becomes more of a chore than a hobby, then it’s easy to lose interest or become de-motivated. 


Sure, cleaning can be considered a form of exercise, but it can become tiring to do for many people. It actually requires a good amount of energy. Therefore, a person might end up not doing it often as a hobby due to how tiring it can be. 


It doesn’t matter what’s being cleaned or the size of the area being cleaned; things can be repetitive. Cleaning is repetitive and can lead to boredom. 

Make sure to consider the above drawbacks when choosing cleaning as a hobby. It’s important to weigh both the pros and cons.

How To Start Cleaning As A Hobby 

Cleaning as a hobby does require a few things. Here’s how to get started:

Equipment Needed

A person will need basic cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner. Other than a vacuum, supplies such as floor cleaners, mops, brooms, and things of that nature are required. 

Start-Up & Ongoing Costs

Depending on how serious the hobby becomes, a person can expect to come up with start-up costs to get the supplies and equipment required. How much one will spend depends on what kind of equipment they decide to get. Ongoing costs will involve replenishing supplies when needed. 

Cleaning as a hobby is relatively inexpensive. It’s also rather easy to get started. 

cleaning as a hobby make money
It is possible for you to make money from cleaning.

Can You Make Money From Cleaning?

The answer is yes, money can be made from cleaning. Generally speaking, there are three main ways to make money from cleaning. These include: 

  1. Start A Business – A person can launch their very own cleaning business. This requires purchasing cleaning equipment, supplies, and the use of an appropriate vehicle. In general, someone can make a good amount of money when they operate their own cleaning business. 
  2. Work For Someone Else – Cleaners can make money by working for other people. Many people make money from cleaning by being an employee of a person or company. 
  3. Websites – There are websites that specialize in connecting cleaners with clients. These websites act as the middleman. Most of the time, a cleaner using such a website is classed as a freelancer or self-employed. 

Those are the three main ways to make money as a cleaner. Bear in mind that many factors come into play when it comes to how much a person can make from cleaning. 

Similar Hobbies To Cleaning

There are a handful of hobbies similar to cleaning. One of them is organizing, which can involve anything from rearranging furniture to organizing old paperwork, files, and things of that nature. 

Decorating is another hobby that is quite similar, but it doesn’t usually involve cleaning up messes. The main goal of decorating is typically to improve the appearance of the area that is being decorated. 

Alternative Hobbies To Cleaning

Exercise is a great alternative hobby to cleaning. It helps people unwind, reduce anxiety and get into better shape. All of these are associated with cleaning. 

Gardening is another alternative hobby to cleaning, as it’s not an activity that requires intense effort. Gardening is therapeutic, and it’s fun. 

Other alternatives include gaming, reading, and meditating. The truth is anything activity that isn’t too strenuous can be a great alternative to cleaning as a hobby. 

Where To Learn More

There is no shortage of places to learn how to start cleaning as a hobby. A few places include: 

  • YouTube – If a person likes to watch videos to learn about anything, then YouTube is the place for them. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that cover the topic of cleaning. 
  • Blogs – Blogs are a wealth of information on anything, including taking up cleaning as a hobby. There are dedicated blogs for hobbyists, and there are also blogs dedicated to those who want to start their very own cleaning business. 
  • Online Courses – There are also online courses about cleaning. If someone rarely cleans, then taking an online course might be worth it. 
  • Books – For people who like reading, there are books about cleaning. Whether it’s a physical book or an eBook, one can learn a lot of useful stuff that will come in handy.


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