Chess As A Hobby? (A Detailed Guide)

Chess is a strategy game that is rewarding to play and master. In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with chess as a hobby.

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Chess is a hobby or game that is both rewarding and challenging for most people. It is also a strategy game, which means that mastering the skills and basics can take a bit of patience and time. Chess is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Finding out what will move each of the pieces on a board helps the player to quickly learn how to strategize their moves to win the game. 

What Is Chess?

Chess is a type of board game that is played between 2 players. The latest version of this game originated in Southern Europe during the latter half of the 15th century after it evolved from Chaturanga, a much older but similar game of Indican origin. 

Today, chess has turned into a highly popular game and hobby that is now played by many people from across the globe. 

chess as a hobby can be
Chess is a great hobby to exercise your brain and meet new people.

Can Chess Be A Hobby?

Yes! If you are in search of a great hobby to occupy your free time, chess is one of the best choices. It is also a great hobby if you want to meet new people and exercise your brain. 

What Types Of People Like Chess?

It said that people that are good at chess share some of these personality traits:

Tunnel Vision

You need to become fully immersed in chess and make it one of the focuses of your life, especially if you are interested in becoming a professional player. 


You need to have a strong belief in your skills that you will win against other players. This becomes highly possible once you have mastered the “necessary” training. 


You should enjoy taking revenge when you play chess which means trying even harder to beat the person you lost to in your last chess game. 

Benefits: Why Chess Could Be A Good Hobby?

One of the best parts of taking up chess as a hobby is that you won’t have to be good at this game. It is easy to learn the right way to play and master the game with family or friends. You can also attend chess classes or workshops for beginners.

It also comes as no surprise that chess is a fantastic hobby to improve concentration and memory. In this game, you will need to focus on various pieces and the 60 squares on the board. You also need to constantly track their movements which is not the easiest of tasks. 

People that take up chess as a hobby and play regularly also find it easier to understand how others may think or to emphasize with them.

This has to do with the fact that if you want to win, you need to find out what your opponent is going to do next so that you can plan your next moves accordingly. 

Are There Drawbacks To Choosing Chess As A Hobby?

As with all activities or hobbies, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to playing the game of chess. Chess can become stressful for certain players.

Competitive players often feel anxiety and high levels of stress about how they are going to perform during a match.

chess as a hobby how to start
Here is a list of equipment you will need to play chess with your family and friends.

How To Start Chess As A Hobby

If you are looking to play chess with family and friends, here is a list of the equipment you are going to need.

Equipment Needed

A Chess Set

Vinyl chess boards are ideal if you plan to take your board to friends’ or family members’ houses. You will also need a set of chess pieces and extra queens. 

A Chess Clock

You can use a Chess Clock app for iOS or Android by converting a smart device into a fully-functional chess clock. You can also buy a physical chess clock online from stores such as Amazon.

Specialty stores that sell chess boards and pieces also usually sell clocks dedicated to chess games. 

A Chess Bag

Once you have the clock, the pieces, and the board, you will need a container or a bag to keep everything together. Many of the chess sets that are sold online often come with a bag or container.

A Score Sheet

The traditional chess tournaments will require that either player keeps score. If you can, it is highly recommended to jot down each move you make in all of your games.

This is a great practice when it comes to competitive chess since it allows you to study how you play later on. This can also give you an indication of where you might have gone wrong. 

Start-Up And Ongoing Costs

It is really easy to locate chess sets that range from cheap to relatively expensive. Chess sets are currently priced as little as $10 but can increase to several thousand dollars according to the type you plan to buy. 

They also come in various materials, themes, sizes, and shapes. This means you can choose a chess set that is as practical or as decorative as you like. 

If you are just getting started, you may want to begin with one of the sturdy plastic sets that will allow you to get in many hours of rigorous practice. This is because many people that start learning how to play chess usually find the game highly addictive. 

You can buy your chess set from a brick-and-mortar store, or you can choose from the hundreds of options online. You can even choose to take up this hobby online using one of the chess programs.

However, many agree that it does feel much better to have a physical chess set to get an authentic feel for the game. This is obviously going to depend on your playing style and your personal preferences. 

Can You Make Money From Chess?

There are a few ways to make money when you pick up chess as a hobby. You could wager on the outcome of a private chess game played in a park or someone’s home.

Or you can advance your skills to become a professional player where you can then participate in chess tournaments. Professional chess players earn a fantastic income from their skills. 

You can also choose to start a chess school or business, where you teach people how to play chess, or you provide the venue for chess tournaments. 

Similar Hobbies To Chess

There are lots of hobbies that share similarities to chess. There are also many online games and board games that require the same set of skills. Some other popular hobbies include playing a musical instrument, acting, throwing darts, or playing ping pong. 

But if you are interested in picking up a hobby that involves strategy, chess may be the best choice since it doesn’t cost a lot to get started; it won’t take long to learn the necessary skills. 

Alternative Hobbies To Chess 

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular hobbies, but there are many other activities that provide just as much enjoyment. If you enjoy hobbies that require a bit of elbow grease and strategy, you may be interested in carpentry, sculpting, or gardening

If you prefer more active hobbies, you may want to try riding a bike, hiking, camping, or taking up a sport such as tennis. 

Where You Can Learn More

There are tons of places where you can learn more about how to play chess. You can take classes or refer to online sources such as YouTube videos, blogs, forums, and websites. 

There are also many books and guides that will help you to learn everything you need to know about chess.

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